Still Strong

May 29, 2003, midnight | By Josh Gottlieb-Miller | 20 years, 6 months ago

Review: Still Strong's extremely hardcore sound is consistently solid, if not particularly open to poppier listeners. Hayek and Samuel's hard rhythm section keeps the songs moving, while Canavan lends some experience as lead guitar. Shiver, while not the most pleasant vocalist is a perfect screamer. The band's most remarkable steal is Mizani though (taking time away from all of the professional bands he is in), adding his virtuoso talents to the bass.

Genre: Metallic Hardcore

Band Members:
Welch Canavan (Blair, senior): Guitar
Matt Hayek (Blair, senior): Guitar
Jack Samuel (Blair, senior): Drums
Mehran Mizani (Blair graduate, 02): Bass

Influences: Harvest. Throwdown. Unearth. Minor Threat. Sworn Vengeance.

History: Canavan and Samuel started the band then Hayek joined up. "[Because I am] in every project with Samuel ever," Hayek claims. Still Strong then pulled Shiver in to because he screams/throats well. In a stroke of luck, Shiver brought in his talented friend; Mizani, to play bass.

Best Song: Song 3.

Worst Song: Misery Loves Company.

Album: 3 Song Demo coming soon

Website: Coming Soon.

Best thing about being in a band: "Crowd reaction," Canavan claims.

Worst thing about being in a band: "Dealing with other people's…personalities in practice," Shiver remarks.

Reaction from another Blair musician: "It's pretty good stuff. Lot of energy and the guys are good guys." (Pete Musto, Strength in Numbers)

Quotable: "[Best song?] They're all so good," according to Hayek. "[Also] this is the first band we've had without everyone sketching out on us all the time."

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