Students voice opinions on Aristide

March 15, 2004, midnight | By Danielle Foster | 19 years, 8 months ago

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, former Haitian president, fled to the Central African Republic as rebel forces continue to gain power of the island. He is now trying to reunite with his family while finding a third country for permanent asylum. Haitian students spoke out on the revolt against President Aristide. Most students showed no regret for Aristide's departure.

"As a president, you know you are supposed to help people out, make things better. He's killing his people; he's torturing them. They don't have any freedom; he's a liar."
-Cassandra Laine, junior.

"They have to kill Aristide."
-Saundra Constantine, junior

"The rebels and the American soldiers should work together. Honestly, Haiti is not going to rebuild itself. We need to start everything all over."
-Anastasia Jean-Louis, sophomore.

"We need a new President."
-Daniella Constantin, sophomore.

"[Aristide] didn't take the responsibility to do what he had to do."
-Stephanie St-Eloi, junior.

"It's very sad because my people are over there. I think President Aristide is crazy. I'm glad he's gone because he was torturing the people. When he was campaigning, he said all this good stuff, but he didn't do it. He was all talk and no action."
-Jenny Metellus, junior.

"It was bound to happen some time. The president is crazy. It was necessary; he had to go."
-Tricia Saint-Felix, sophomore.

"I was really worried because of my aunt. Even though it's dangerous she couldn't wait to go back. [Aristide] just wasn't helping enough. We're still in huge debt."
-K. J. Bonhomme, junior.

"He was the worst President I have ever known. They suffered, people are still struggling for money."
-Jean Ricardo Dormeus, senior.

For more information on the uprising in Haiti, read Marines enter Haitian capital by Vivek Chellappa

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