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May 18, 2007, midnight | By Alexis Egan | 13 years, 1 month ago

Third time's the charm

Summer is about having no homework, no school and no worries. It's about not having to get up early or stay up late writing essays. But most of all it's about the silver screen block busters. This summer will hold plenty of sequels and adaptations (even a few of both), but several original films as well. With the multitude of films due for release, there's something for everyone to look forward to, from action and romance to comedy and sci-fi.

"Shrek the Third"
As the title says, "Shrek the Third" is the final in Dreamwork's popular CGI trilogy starring once again Shrek (voiced by Mike Myers), Fiona (Cameron Diaz) and Donkey (Eddie Murphy), as well as Puss-in-boots and dragon. Added to the cast of fairy tale characters are the typical princesses, including Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty. In the final chapter, the trio of friends must come to terms with the death of Fiona's dad while balancing the responsibilities of ruling the kingdom of Far Far Away. Sure to fulfill the same humor and impressive graphics as the first two films, "Shrek the Third" is destined to become the family hit of the summer.

"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End"
A list of summer flicks just wouldn't be complete without including America's favorite pirate. Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) returns to the big screen May 25 in "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," also starring Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley as Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan, respectively. The trilogy draws to an end as the trio of pirates unite and prepare for a pirate's last stand between good and evil, at the edge of the world. New to the cast and adding an extra dynamic to the film are Chow Yun Fat as Captain Sao Feng and Keith Richards as Teague Sparrow.

"Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer"
Despite receiving little critical praise, the Fantastic four superheroes team together once again to star as the super-powered quartet determined to destroy evil in New York City and beyond. Jessica Alba stars as Susan Storm (Invisible Woman) and Ioan Gruffud plays her boyfriend and team member Reed Richards. In "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" the team finds New York once again in danger when they encounter an alien being. Despite the negative reviews for the first of the Fantastic Four films, the sequel's newly added cast members (Doug Jones and Laurence Fishburne) gives the film greater potential.

"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"
Daniel Radcliffe returns to the silver screen as the title character in the immensely popular Harry Potter series. Costarring Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, the fifth in the series represents teenage Harry's coming of age as he deals with first relationships, last goodbyes and the second developing war between good and evil. While the length of the fifth book makes film adaptation difficult, director David Yates skill at producing and directing should make "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" give justice to its original inspiration. Also noteworthy is the improving acting skill of the young cast, whose talent was mediocre in the first few films but now convincing and powerful.

Although it isn't as hyped up as other films, "Stardust," out August 10, plans to hold its own and prove its worth this summer. Starring Charlie Cox as Tristran, "Stardust" follows the plot of Neil Gaimen's illustrated novel closely. Cox plays a young man determined to retrieve a fallen star for his young lover, Victoria (played by Sienna Miller). Along the way he encounters the mysterious Captain Shakespeare (Robert de Niro) and the coldly evil witch Lamia (Michelle Pfeiffer). Although the film's plot may seem too fantastical for most viewers, director Matthew Vaughn keeps reality in check with the film's universal theme of true love.

Fresh from her role as a sex addict chained to a blues playing Christian in "Black Snake Moan," Christina Ricci stars as the title character in "Penelope," due out August 17. "Penelope" depicts a quirky fable about a young woman who, having lived under a family curse for her whole life, sets out to explore the world. James McAvory ("Starter for Ten" and "The Lion, the Witch and the wardrobe") plays Max, a gambler with ulterior motives for befriending Penelope on her journey. Reese Witherspoon and Simon Woods also star in this heart warming, family friendly fable about being oneself.

Other films deserving notes include "The Simpson's Movie" and "Rush Hour 3" (Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker). Also, "Ocean's Thirteen" (George Clooney and Brad Pitt) and "The Bourne Ultimatum" (Matt Damon) are to be released this summer to eagerly expectant fans. With all the free time Blazers will have over the summer, these movies will keep fans busy with their quirkiness, drama and undeniable creativity.

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