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Oct. 22, 2007, midnight | By Johanna Gretschel | 13 years ago

Silver Chips Tell 'Em: the ultimate guide to the Soulja Boy phenomenon

For all the kids who thought the "1-2 Step" was two steps too long, for everyone whose "Chicken Noodle Soup" never had a soda on the side, for anyone who has not mastered a dance since the "Macarena," there is still salvation. Silver Chips Online is here to help with a comprehensive written and pictorial guide to the latest dance craze − "Crank That (Soulja Boy)." With only a week left until homecoming, it's time for "YOUUUU" to start practicing your moves and picking up your own "Soulja Boy" or "Soulja Girl."

Step one: the criss-cross

Photo: Step One: junior Aaron Lane demonstrates the "criss-cross." Click to see more pictures

Bend your elbows and hold your forearms up in the air while making a quick jump to criss-cross your left leg behind your right leg.

Step two: the Cotton-Eyed Joe

Kick your left leg up (similar to the step in the Cotton-Eyed Joe dance) behind you and touch your left foot with your right hand.

Step three: lean wit' it, rock wit' it

"Lean wit' it, rock wit' it" by rotating your shoulders and holding your arms with a slight bend in your elbows perpendicular to your body. Then hold your arms out wide and snap your fingers while simultaneously raising your bent left leg. As you snap your fingers, quickly bring your leg back down to the floor.

Step four: the rotation

Lift your right leg and place your foot to the left of your body, then to the right. On the third count, raise your bent right leg and tap your knee with your right palm, then lower your leg. During this step, your shoulders should be slightly hunched.

Step five: SUPERMAN

Turn slightly to the left and press your hands together in a prayer stance. Stand on only your left leg and reach with your arms until they are at full extension. Then separate your palms in a breaststroke motion. Return both of your legs to the floor but bend your knees to simulate a ducking position.

Step six: YOUUUU!

Jump three steps to the left while holding your arms out to the right and making a cranking motion with your fists. Do the same while jumping to the right while holding your arms to the left, and then repeat on each side once more for a total of four repetitions.

Repeat steps one through six to the opposite side.

Congratulations, you have now officially learned the Soulja Boy dance. Full mastery results from dedicated practice, so keep working on the dance and soon you will be able to "crank that" with your eyes closed!

Disclaimer: Mastering the "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" dance does not guarantee that the user will be able to pick up their own "Soulja Boy" or "Soulja Girl."

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