Takoma city elections results announced

Nov. 5, 2009, midnight | By Amir Gorjifard | 10 years, 9 months ago

Williams re-elected as Takoma Park Mayor

Incumbent Bruce Williams was voted Mayor of Takoma Park on Nov. 3 following Takoma Park's bi-annual City Council election, according to the Takoma Park City Council web site. Council members from four of the six wards that elect representatives to the council won unopposed, including Josh Wright, Colleen Clay, Dan Robinson and Reuben Snipper. Terry Seamens won by 334 votes in the race against Eric Mendoza in Ward Four and Fred Schultz clinched a 73 vote victory over Navid Nasr in Ward Six.

Mayor Bruce R. Williams (incumbent)
This will be Williams's second term as mayor and 16th year serving in the Takoma Park City Council. He promises to offer new programs that will allow residents to stay involved in the Takoma Park Community. As a supporter of the environment, Williams feels that grants, programs and funding through the partnerships between local and national companies will allow Takoma Park to become more energy-efficient. Cutting costs is another objective that Williams wants to accomplish in his new term. "We all have to think about what our most important priorities are, what services we might do without and how potential cuts affect those whose job it is to provide the services we might cut," he said.

Council Ward One: Josh Wright (incumbent)
Josh Wright, an unopposed incumbent in the Nov. 3 election, will be setting several major goals for Takoma Park. His first priority is to create safer neighborhoods by reducing crime and improving roadway safety. Like Williams, he also wants to make Takoma Park an environmental leader among other cities. Resolving tax duplication issues is also a major concern because Wright feels that adjustments will improve city services. Despite these problems, Wright believes that Takoma will thrive on the synergy of its people. "I believe in our collective power to improve our community and look forward to continuing to lead these efforts," he said.

Ward Two: Colleen Clay (incumbent)
Colleen Clay has served on the board of the Takoma Park Volunteer Fire Department and the Metropolitan Council of Governments Transportation Planning Board. She plans to improve the condition and funding of schools in Takoma Park.

Ward Three: Dan Robinson (incumbent)
Robinson, a two-year council member, wants to reduce crime, decrease taxes and lower Takoma Park's energy consumption. His approach to resolving Takoma Park's problems will involve tackling one issue at a time. "Each issue in public service is unique: a curb to be painted, a parking space placement, giving dogs a chance to run free in the morning, reducing our use of energy, making our government more streamlined and responsive or fighting for a fairer shake from the state and county governments," he explained.

Ward Four: Terry Seamens (incumbent)
More than one person ran for Ward Four for the first time in 14 years. Incumbent Terry Seamens clinched a win over challenger Eric Mendoza. Seamens's goals for his new term are to reduce traffic in Takoma Park neighborhoods, improve economic opportunities for teenagers and expand services for Takoma's financially disadvantaged residents. He believes that the experience he gained as an incumbent make him well-equipped to improve Takoma Park. "Knowledge that comes through experience makes me the best Ward Four candidate to find budget reductions while filling community needs," Seamens said.

Ward Five: Reuben Snipper (incumbent)
Reuben Snipper, recipient of another unopposed council seat, seeks to renovate the Takoma Metro, make houses more affordable, improve local schools and reduce traffic. Like Seamens, Snipper believes that his experience in the council gives him an advantage when tackling Takoma Park's issues.

Ward Six: Fred Schultz (challenger)
Schult, the only challenger to win a council seat, has plans to improve relations between Takoma Park and Langley Park local government associations. The Takoma-Langley Sector Plan is a subject he plans to discuss at the fall council board meeting, which is slated to include discussions on construction of the new metro Purple Line, a bus transit center and a recreation center.

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