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Oct. 13, 2004, midnight | By Feza Kikaya | 16 years ago

College-readiness program designed to help seniors with application process

The college application process is being made easier for seniors thanks to TCCi Family Connection, a program personalized for each student and programmed with data specific to Blair.

According to Sharon Williams, Blair's Career Information Center Coordinator, TCCi is an internet program designed to help students "get into first gear" with the college application process. "TCCi Family Connection is a comprehensive website that parents and students can use to help in making decisions about colleges and careers," she said.

The program is composed of two sites, one for students and their parents and the other for school advisors. "TCCi Family Connection links to TCCi, which we in the Counseling Department use to track and analyze data and trends about college and career plans our Blazers are taking," said Williams.

The site contains information specific to Blair and its seniors. According to Williams, "TCCi provides [counselors] with up-to-date information that's specific to Blair—each high school has its own special account sign-in and each person using the program has to have a username and password."

Williams stated that TCCi has "unique features" that will make the college process easier for students. The section titled "About me" is made up of links where students can view their basic information under "my profile," check SAT, ACT, and/or AP exam results under "test scores," make a list of their talents and extracurricular activities under "my resume" and create a list of colleges to which they intend to apply under "my colleges."

Under this section seniors can also keep track of the scholarships in which they've indicated interest.

The "About college" section is designed to help students explore thousands of secondary institutions. The "college match" link enables students to see a list of schools in which they have a low, medium or high probability of getting into based on their test scores, athletic ability and/or ethnicity. TCCi also compares students' statistics to historical data from Blair graduates who have applied and been admitted in the past.

Students can also sign up for college visits in the Career Center under the "About college" section. Reminders about the visits are sent to the email addresses students use to log into the program.

An updated list of scholarship programs is also provided for students by way of TCCi. Additional resources such as links to the College-Career Center site are also available.

Williams stated that Blair was not able to fund TCCi in the past because "it's an expensive package." The school was able to purchase the program after realizing "it's something we [all] can use."

Senior Sheri Lawal is excited about the new program because she believes the process of applying to college will be easier. She also believes that TCCi allows her to better communicate with her advisor and keep track of her college searches. "I think it's a great program because you can see your chances of getting into different schools, and it helps with organization because your counselors can easily access your information," she said.

Williams shares Lawal's enthusiasm and believes the program will better enable her to help Blair students. "[TCCi] allows us to service you all better when we're counseling and advising you," she said.

To get started with TCCi Family Connection pick up your registration code from Ms. Williams in the Career Center or from your counselor in the guidance office.

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