The law of the Bandz

Oct. 19, 2010, 11:24 a.m. | By Sarah Harper | 13 years, 4 months ago

A best-selling guide to trading wristlets

It's the latest fad sweeping Blair hallways. They come in every color of the rainbow and every shape known to man. Want a purple unicorn? You got it. A glow-in-the-dark ghost? No problem. You can snap 'em to your wrists, switch with friends or just show off your favorites – simply put, Silly Bandz are irresistible.

Silly Bandz come in a variety of colors and shapes. Photo courtesy of Emma Lansworth.

These bands are the second coming of the yellow LiveStrong bracelets. So what if Silly Bandz are intended for kiddies who still have baby teeth? The addicting accessories have extended far beyond elementary schoolyards, overtaking high school hallways and college campuses alike.

For readers who have been living under a rock, Silly Bandz are silicone rubberband-like bracelets that outline the shape of a person, phrase, object or animal when taken off. The variety of styles and colors, not to mention the affordable price, has Silly Bandz lovers loading each arm with eye-popping displays. The most important rule to trading and buying these accessories is "quantity is quality." But don't be overwhelmed – we have a foolproof, four-step program to guide readers through successfully swapping the best Bandz.

Step One: Drop some cash

Go out and buy a pack of Silly Bandz. Almost every convenience store carries themed packs of 24 rubber bands for $5 a pop, so go ahead and indulge a little. The most important guideline is to be adventuresome! No one wants just the everyday shapes and there are always new styles being released. Need some inspiration? The bestseller list of Silly Bandz includes dinosaurs, fantasy creatures and princesses. Or you can gear up for Halloween with jack o' lanterns and bat shapes. There's even a Justin Bieber themed pack for obsessed tweens.

Step Two: Stick to the real deal

This fall's biggest trend on Blair Boulevard? Sillybandz, of course.  Photo courtesy of Emma Lansworth.

Be wary of knockoffs. In this economy, Silly Bandz packs are one of the only toys that are flying off the shelves. But don't stoop to imitator brands if your favorites are out of stock (Crazy Bandz – here's looking at you). Fake versions fall apart and stretch out faster than the original Silly Bandz and a true fanatic can spot these cheap, plastic-looking bracelets from a mile away. Nothing could be worse than trading for Silly Bandz and getting a Zany Bandz instead.

Step Three: Flaunt what you've got

Show off your favorite Silly Bandz. These "cream of the crop" bracelets should be kept near the end of your wrist, so you can whip them off and impress your friends at a moment's notice. Raise your arms repeatedly in class and let your peers have a good look. Take off a few wristlets and arrange them on your desk. Find an opening in every conversation to bring up your Silly Bandz collection. Strap as many wristlets around your arms as possible. Who cares if you can't bend your elbows? Whatever technique you pick for displaying your wares, be sure to channel your inner businessman. But for liability's sake, don't go overboard with the rubber bling, because wearing too many Silly Bandz can constrict blood flow to the hand. (The reader also is cautioned that eating these wristlets is a choking hazard, so please – and this probably goes without saying – don't see how many you can fit in your mouth).

Step Four: Sell to the highest bidder

Once your reputation spreads, the offers should start pouring in. Newcomers in the Silly Bandz market should take every opportunity available, while more experienced traders can afford to be choosier. Never be picky or cocky; trades should be fast enough that the buyer never questions the deal. Most importantly, have fun and don't be too competitive. It's great to one-up your friends, but there's no need to swap your customized glitter butterfly if you don't want to.

And why all the fuss over the trading business? Because nothing says, "I'm a trendsetter" more than an armful of Silly Bandz.

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