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Dec. 30, 2011, 5:18 p.m. | By Valerie Hu | 12 years, 6 months ago

Tips for hanging up lights this holiday season

Just because Christmas is over doesn't mean you have to stop celebrating. And what's a better way to keep the holiday spirit alive all year than by savoring the season with cheery holiday lights? Have you just untangled last year's poorly stored lights, but haven't figured out a way to hang them? Well, don't get too excited. You have yet to master the art of hanging up holiday lights. Despite what people might say about the importance, or lack thereof, of lights, they are always the main attraction of any holiday event. We experts here at SCO are here to help you deck out your house as much as possible. Because let's face it, the holidays are always a fashion show for your real estate.

This option is for the flashy, flamboyant holiday artistes. Keeping up with Beating the Joneses' will surely not be a problem with this option.

On the house

This cable of glowing red and white stripes is a modern decoration that can be wrapped around trees and columns. Photo courtesy of Isabel Hendrix.

For people who prefer the easy, traditional way, hanging lights from the gutters, around pillars or in doorways are surefire ways to spark up the holidays. Hanging lights from the gutters is not only a way to show off your holiday glow, but also helps guide party guests to your house for that holiday blast.

If gutters aren't your style, try spiraling lights around pillars. For the most festive pillars possible, use red or green lights on white pillars to create a tasty candy cane effect. If you're not tall enough (or simply too lazy) to reach the gutters and don't have pillars to wrap your lights around, consider decorating your doorway with lights! Every person deserves to feel like a king or queen during this time of year, and what better way to feel like royalty then to walk through an illuminated, welcoming doorway every time you enter the house?

Full Blown Winter Wonderland

A tree decorated like a candy cane stands in front of other decorations on this Takoma Park street. Photo courtesy of Isabel Hendrix.

In addition to your house's hoppin' holiday attire, illuminate the nature around your dwelling to complete the look for a full blown winter wonderland. String lights onto bushes and evergreen trees in your front yard. Don't have any evergreen trees? You can always buy one! That's what Christmas is all about.

To further transform your humble abode into a picture perfect wonderland, make use of giant snow men, inflatable igloos and pathways lined with light up candy canes. You can even bend your Christmas lights into funny shapes and put on your own light show! Not only will you steal all the attention from your neighbors, but you will surely be the talk of the town. It can't hurt to go all out on this one. With this guide, you too, can become one of those houses – you know, the overachieving ones.


This cheery Christmas tree is adorned with three different kinds of lights . The trunk is wrapped with pure white lights, with more colorful variations spiraling around the tree.  Photo courtesy of Isabel Hendrix.

The holidays are a time to celebrate and spread cheer. But what's a holiday without the generic flashing lights all around the house? Be sure to show off your holiday glow inside and out. Just because you decorate the evergreens on your front lawn doesn't mean you should neglect the Christmas tree inside your house. Start from the tree and slowly work your way to other parts of the house. Wrap lights around your staircase or on indoor pillars. Drape them on the fireplace, in doorways and tack them onto walls. If you run out of room or furniture to decorate, you could also hang lights on your household appliances. Who knew that a spatula with lights could look this good?

On your body
If you run out of property to decorate, consider decorating yourself! Light up sweaters and flamboyant holiday necklaces are the way to go on this one. For the bold, fashion forward souls out there, consider wrapping lights around your head a few times to rock this holiday's latest trend – the colorful halo. However, beware of potential burns and smoke. Other than that, you'll look fresher than ever this holiday season.

Whether you're truly enthusiastic about the holidays, or just want to show up your over-the-top neighbors, the holidays are a great time to embrace your artistic vision. Put your lights to use and decorate away!

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