The Wizards will make the cut

April 9, 2003, midnight | By Calvin Anderson | 17 years, 9 months ago

Right now our Washington Wizards are in the midst of tight race for the 8th spot in the East region playoff bracket. The Wiz haven't seen the playoffs since an early first round loss to Chicago in the early 90's at the hands of Michael Jordan. Now with Jordan, on our side, the Wizards will give the playoffs another shot. But first they have to beat out Milwaukee for the final spot.

If the Wizards lose three games, or if the Bucks win three or any combination of the two to equal three, then the Wizards' playoff hopes are done and MJ's return to slacks and loafers will be sooner. The Bucks are playing horrible ball and, like so much of this season, the Wiz are a different team everyday.

In order for Washington to advance into the playoffs, they need to beat the Celtics tonight, the Hawks, the Knicks, the Heat, and the Sixers. New York, Atlanta, and Miami have a combined record of 90-144 and are extremely beatable. If the Wiz beat the Celtics again tonight, then they can easily handle the rest of their schedule up until they bump heads with Allen Iverson and company.

The Sixers are playing some of the best ball in the East and, unless the Wizards come out firing on all cylinders, that one will go down in the loss column. The Wiz have placed themselves in a position that no matter how many games they win, their success depends on Milwaukee losing as many of its final four games as possible.

Cal's Call: If the Bucks beat the Clippers and the Raptors, and the Wizards fall to the Sixers, then the Wiz won't make the cut, but I have faith in my team and I know they can make the playoffs. They'll lose in the first round but if they can just get there I'd be completely satisfied as a Wizards fan. They will beat 4 of their last 5 opponents, losing only to the Sixers, and the Bucks will lose to the Raptors, the Pacers and the Magic. The Wizards will be the 8th seed in the East. The Nets are going to win the East, not like it matters at all, and the Lakers are going to four-peat.

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