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March 26, 2007, midnight | By Kate Harter | 14 years, 6 months ago

SCO's favorite stress relievers for the over achievers

With the third quarter winding down (phew) and AP exams just around the corner, we're all feeling stressed and irritable. First come the re-take quizzes (after which you wish you'd actually studied so you hadn't failed the first time around), the 16 tests jammed into the last week before grades are entered, and all those after school hours of spring sports: you can't go home and sleep after a dreadful day of three math re-takes and a Latin oral; instead you have to lace up your cleats and head out to softball or lacrosse or Tiddlywinks.

We feel you.

SCO has put together a list of our favorite stress relieving activities that are sure to help out after hours of those stress-inducing activities.

Take a bubble bath
No, seriously. If you want to truly relax, taking a bath will do it for you. Get some nice-smelling bubble bath and fill the tub with hot water. WebMD, an online health information service, says that relaxation is one of the top five stress relievers, and being able to forget about your troubles in the bathtub is a great way to relax. If you're one who never gets to sit down and enjoy a good book (other than the great ones we read in school) then pick up a cheesy novel and don't worry about your schoolwork. It's amazing what a big tub of hot water can do for someone on the verge of a meltdown.

Get some exercise
We know, when you're off-season the last thing you want to do is exercise, and those of you who do spring sports probably get enough of it already, but exercising 'til you're sweaty and all tired out can really relax you. According to WebMD, exercise is the best way to start reducing your stress. Aerobic exercise increases your heart-rate and can help decrease the effects of stress. Take it from a field hockey player and former basketball player slash kick boxer, returning home after a hard workout and knowing you've accomplished something not only helps you forget about all your troubles but also makes you feel good about yourself.

Go on a picnic
Sure, you have to finish that English essay or get started on that forensics lab, but taking a few hours off to enjoy the weather (granted, pick a warm day) will chill you out. Bring a few of your friends, a big blanket and your favorite foods to a park nearby or even someone's backyard. You don't have to be a nature person, but sitting underneath a big blue sky and just breathing fresh air can be a lifesaver to someone who's completely stressed out.

Make a pot of tea
OK, so we're not in England, but if you need a quick break from all your studying and homework, go make yourself some tea. It's healthier than coffee ( so many different flavors to choose from) and you can choose to drink it with caffeine or without. If you don't have enough time for a relaxing couple of hours, this is a perfect 15 minute break to sip on some hot tea and not think about homework.

Remember: bad quarter grades aren't the worst thing in the world
Realizing that you're not doing very well in a class can be a huge wake-up call, but sometimes it's too late to do anything about it. If you've put your best effort into the class but still don't have the grade you were looking for, just remember that there's always next quarter. Remember that quarter grades aren't the final say; if you can do better next quarter and ace the final, you'll be fine. There's always time for improvement.

Eat some ice cream
Simple, yes, but sitting down with a bowl full of delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough can be just what the SCO doctors ordered. Just like the tea, you only need a few heavenly minutes in order to enjoy a sweet treat that will take your mind off everything that is stressing you out. If nothing else "chills" you out, ice cream definitely will.

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