Thefts and other incidents lead to increased security

Nov. 24, 2009, 1 a.m. | By Rebecca Guterman, Urja Mittal | 13 years, 6 months ago

Increased enforcement includes camera scrutiny

Security measures and enforcement on school grounds have increased after several incidents of student misconduct in the past few weeks, according to assistant principal Andrew Coleman.

In a schoolwide announcement on Monday at the beginning of fourth period, Coleman announced the increased security enforcement, citing locker break-ins, student altercations, the opening of locked entrances, loitering in the hallways during class and general disrespect as reasons for the changes in procedure.

In order to prevent such thefts and other incidents, footage from security cameras around the school is now being examined by security personnel on a daily basis, Coleman said. Cameras were upgraded at the beginning of the year and the new technology has allowed the security team to observe people and objects on tape with greater clarity, he said.

According to Coleman, there has also been greater security and administrator presence in the hallways, with the particular goal of preventing students from leaving the campus during the school day. The disciplinary consequences for disregarding the closed campus rule are extended after school detention and in-school suspension (ISS), Coleman said.

According to the school's discipline policy outlined in the student handbook, which Coleman cited, lunch or after school detention is the minimum consequence for the first offense of breaking the rule, one day of ISS for the second offense and multiple days of ISS for the third offense. Also in the announcement, Coleman instructed students to cooperate with staff, report incidents of theft or bullying and keep valuables protected, among other disciplinary reminders.

The announcement and heightened security measures are a part of the administration's security overhaul that began during the past few weeks and will continue into the rest of the school year, Coleman said. He explained that the new system is meant to create a more universal sense of safety in the school environment. "Feeling that you are safe and secure is more important than anything," he said.

According to Coleman, implementation of new methods of security and enforcement has been under discussion since the beginning of the school year. However, the recent increases in security enforcement were triggered by the latest incidents of student misconduct.

Security and administrator campus supervision rotations may continue to be modified in the coming weeks, Coleman said. He specified that since fewer students are outside during the winter, security efforts may soon become more focused on patrolling within the building. At the end of the semester, Coleman plans to conduct student and teacher evaluations of the security measures and consider making improvements. "I want to know what students think. I want to know what it is teachers think," he said.

See the December issue of Silver Chips for updates on the changes in security procedures.

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