There are two types of guys

April 6, 2014, 2:39 p.m. | By Samuel Popper, Jacob Popper | 9 years, 7 months ago

When spring season rolls around every year, the world of guys fashion is faced with slight controversy.

When spring season rolls around every year, the world of guys fashion is faced with slight controversy. There are two types of guys. Some guys take the preppy approach - with button up shirts, Sperry's and khakis or plaid shorts - while other guys take the jock approach, with athletic shirts, gym shorts, Nike elites and Jordans. The Poppers are here to weigh in, and with our expertise, you can make the difficult decision of what type of guy you choose to be this spring season.

Which style is more comfortable?

Preppy Guy: You know there's nothing more comfortable than leaving the top couple buttons undone on your favorite shirt, not to mention the unrivaled ankle flexibility of Sperry's.

Jock Guy: Let's be real here, a t-shirt and gym shorts are pretty much the definition of comfort, everyone knows that.

Poppers' Verdict: Well I think we'll have to go with the jock guy on this one. Rollin' up in a t-shirt and maybe some sweats or gym shorts is hands down the most comfortable you can be.Which style is more stylish?

Preppy Guy: Snap back to reality for a second, everyone knows there's nothing more stylish than khakis and a nice button down t-shirt. It's been attracting women for years and has no plans on slowing down.

Jock Guy: Let's get one thing straight, nothing says style like having your clothes convey that you are a baller. And what better to do that then a new Nike shirt that literally read "I'm a baller", this is an easy one.

Poppers' Verdict: Well it seems the Poppers are going preppy on this pick. Not to hate, but wearing an outfit you can go to sleep in is probably not the most stylish one.

Which style best suits changing weather?

Preppy Guy: Look, it all comes down to layer control. With the preppy style, you can rock cardigan, polo shirts, pretty much any outfit, and just remove layers as the temperature mandates.

Jock Guy: The beauty about being a jock is as long as you have your best pair of Jordans on, any bottoms can work out, including jeans, cargo pants, sweats, cargo shorts, or gym shorts.

Poppers' Verdict: In a close battle here we'll have to go with the jock guy. The reason why is because with the jock style you can rock hoodies, cargos, sweats, and if you have nice shoes, even jeans can roll with it too. However in the preppy style, hoodies and cargos are sometimes hard to work.

What style gives you the best bang for your buck?

Preppy Guy: I've got two words for you: Value Village. That's the place I get all my clothes and a normal shirt costs six bucks on a bad day.

Jock Guy: Surprisingly, you can get some nice retro Nike and Adidas clothes for cheap, however to stay hip to our style, it's going to cost some cash.

Popper's Verdict: This one's an easy one, if we have little money to spend, we'll take Value Village over Dick's or Sports Authority any day of the week, and we'll take the preppy guy.

Poppers' Final Take: A tough question indeed, but after much deliberation and in-depth, wall-to-wall analysis, the Poppers have come up with the following verdict: the jock guy is the better fashion style this spring season because you can better suit the weather and be comfortable, while looking really nice too.

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