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Feb. 13, 2017, 1:02 p.m. | By Ryan Handel | 7 years ago

The best advertisements that accompanied Super Bowl 51

Super Bowl 51 did not disappoint, as the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons battled in an overtime thriller, with the Patriots emerging with a 34-28 victory. The commercials were also not to be missed, as companies from around the world took advantage of the opportunity to promote their product on a national stage. As usual, many corporations opted to make their product memorable with a commercial that would give viewers a laugh, making the advertisements almost as entertaining as the game itself. In turn, here is a list of the five funniest commercials from Super Bowl 51.

5. Skittles - Romance the Rainbow
One of the first commercials played during the Super Bowl was another of Skittles' classic Taste the Rainbow ads. The ad begins with a young boy trying to seduce a girl by throwing Skittles through her bedroom window. However, unbeknownst to the boy, an entire cast of characters stops by the window to catch some Skittles in their mouth, including the girl's family, a robber, a police officer and even a beaver. This commercial got the Super Bowl off to a solid start, keeping viewers entertained during a relatively dull first half.

4. TurboTax - Humpty Dance
In this ad, played around halftime, a crippled Humpty Dumpty oozing yolk from his side sits in the hospital as he hears the "Humpty Dance". Humpty Dumpty threatens to sue the creators of the song, and is happy to find out from TurboTax that his legal fees may be tax deductible. The comical commercial is made even funnier by Humpty Dumpty's British accent and his admittance at the end that the "Humpty Dance" is kind of catchy.

3. Buick - My Kid's Cam Newton
This cute and entertaining commercial begins with a football game between two youth teams. A Buick pulls into the parking lot next to the game, and one dad is so surprised that such a great car could be a Buick that he says, "If that's a Buick then my kid's Cam Newton." His son turns into Cam Newton, who inevitably pummels the small children trying to tackle him and throws a bullet pass for a touchdown. After this memorable ad, few people will be forgetting about Buick anymore.

2. Kia - Eco Warrior
Actress Melissa McCarthy stars in this commercial as an "Eco Warrior". McCarthy travels around attempting to save the planet, failing miserably and hilariously every time. She falls from a tree advocating against logging, falls from a glacier trying to save the ice caps, is catapulted from her boat trying to save whales, and is rammed by the very rhinos she is trying to save. McCarthy would definitely agree with Kia's message, which is that it's hard to be an Eco Warrior, but easy to drive like one, by driving a Kia crossover.

1. Tide - No Stain Deserves Fame
Anything involving goofy former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw is probably funny, but this commercial is especially so. Bradshaw, covering the Super Bowl on TV, is horrified to find a barbeque sauce stain on his shirt. Panicking, Bradshaw sprints right through the game, steals a golf cart, drives out the stadium, crashes off the highway and finally finds himself at a house where he can wash his shirt with Tide detergent. Watching the lovable, zany Bradshaw make a fool of himself on national television was arguably the most enjoyable moment of the football game.

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