Oct. 25, 2002, midnight | By Josh Gottlieb-Miller | 21 years, 1 month ago

Review: Mediocre alternative rock, Trom is steadily improving. Buehler is a likable singer even if his voice isn't outstanding and Chen is a talented guitarist. Going without a drummer is an interesting decision, but they need more exciting arrangements to pull it off. Right now the only thing Trom lacks is experience, but that will come in time.

Genre: Rock. According to Buehler, "We don't confine ourselves to a genre. If we did, it would be called Elmo Rock."

Band Members:
Branden Buehler (Blair, junior): Guitar, vocals
Robert Xiao (Blair, junior): Bass.
Michael Chen (Blair, junior): Guitar.

Influences: Weezer. Metal.

History: Buehler and Chen started "jamming" in 2000. Xiao joined them in 2001. They record covers and original songs semi-regularly, but don't play live shows often.

Albums: None.


Best Song: Monopoly Low

Worst Song: Far, Far Away

Best thing about being in a band: Buehler says, "The music."

Worst thing about being in a band: Buehler says, "Not having a drummer."

Reaction from other Blair bands: "A magnet band? Math rock." (Josh Scannell, Livewire)

Quotable: "We're furthering the boundaries of listenable," Buehler uneasily jokes.

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