Twenty-two teachers leaving

June 11, 2003, midnight | By Lauren DalBello | 18 years ago

More teachers coming soon

Teacher name: Sara Lanahan
Position at Blair: English teacher
Years she taught at Blair: 2 years as teacher, one as student teacher
Where she's going: Wilmington, Delaware
Why she's leaving: Her parents offered her a house in Delaware, and she couldn't pass it up.
Other: Lanahan says, "I am definitely sad—I never thought I would only be here for two years. I am going to especially miss the people, because I am moving to a place of less diversity."

Teacher name: Emily Hoponick
Position at Blair: Ceramics and Sculpture teacher
Years she taught at Blair: 3 years
Where she's going: Poolesville High School
Why she's leaving: At Poolesville HS, Hoponick was offered the position to take over and reorganize the art department. While at Poolesville, she will hopefully be able to set up a large ceramics department, and also teach photography.
Other: Hoponick is going to graduate school for humanities and administration and is building a new home in Frederick. Blair, Hoponick says, "is one of the most special schools because of the dedication of the people that work here and the eclectic group of kids."

Teacher name: Mary Bloom
Position at Blair: Drawing design, Studio Art 1, 2, 3 teacher
Years she taught at Blair: 15
Where she's going: Alaska to work for the forest service and freelance artwork
Why she's leaving: Bloom is retiring after 31 years of teaching in and around the county.
Other: "How can it get more fun than this?" Bloom says of her experiences at Blair. She says she will miss both the students, and her old yellow watercolor sets thats she has used since 1970.

Teacher name: Danette Buchanan
Position at Blair: Guitar teacher
Years she taught at Blair: 3
Where she's going: Though her destination is still somewhat unsure, Buchanan expects to work dually at Rockville High School and Wood Middle School.
Why she's leaving: Buchanan was involuntarily transferred.
Other: More than anything else, Buchanan says she will miss the growth and students of the music program at Blair, and "watching the students progress that I have taught over the years."

Teacher name: Sara Lyons
Position at Blair: Photography, Digital art
Years she taught at Blair: 2
Where she's going: Michigan to teach high school or elementary school
Why she's leaving: "My family situation changed and I'm going to get a new job," Lyons says.
Other: Lyons says she will most miss the "amazingly diverse group of people" she has taught at Blair. "I have learned alot and it's been a good experience," she says.

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