Vampires need to bite the dust

Nov. 5, 2009, midnight | By Blake Morgan-Gamber | 11 years, 10 months ago

They're everywhere. Ever since the "Twilight" book series was reformatted for the big screen, unnecessary TV shows about vampires have surfaced, ripping off the series' success. Society's interest in the mystery of vampires has become a phenomenon that really bites.

Photo: Obsessed fans wear Edward Cullen t-shirts to show their devotion to the "Twilight" series and the vampire they love. Picture courtesy of Twilight Gear.

"Twilight's" success has caused a cascade of vampire spin-offs. On TV, shows such as "True Blood" and "The Vampire Diaries" have sucked in masses of fans who cannot overcome the vampire phase. Ultimately, all of these series regarding modern vampires are the same. Although an attraction to vampires may have originally been an absorbing prospect, such an idea can only be drawn out for so long. Yes, "Twilight" made vampires cool. No, we don't have to be obsessed with them.

I fail to see the appeal of vampires. They suck blood, are ghostly pale and sleep in coffins - how attractive. Veering away from the more classic, "Halloween definition" of vampires with capes and fangs, the most obvious reason for the vampire craze is Robert Pattinson. However, the more modern appearance of vampires is unrealistic. When you stop to consider the fact that teenage girls everywhere are falling head-over-heels for vampires, reality doesn't appear to be much of an issue.

Had the prevalent mass-adoration for vampires been better controlled and less superficial, there would be nothing wrong with a little vampire lovin' from the teenage population. However, now too many teenage girls across the country are proclaiming themselves "Mrs. Edward Cullen." Additionally, shirts, jackets and sweatshirts reading "Mrs. Cullen" or "Team Edward," as well as Edward Cullen dolls, "Twilight" jewelry and perfume, are surfacing among the teenage female population. This ridiculous merchandising has ultimately crushed the early freshness of the "Twilight" series.

What vampire lovers everywhere need to understand is that their persistent admiration for these blood-sucking studs is going to destroy the value of the original idea that stirred the entire media phenomenon. If more of these TV shows and "Twilight" merchandise continue to surface, the initial successful idea will lose its luster.

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