Varsity Girls' Volleyball takes another win against Springbrook Blue Devils

Oct. 12, 2018, 2:01 p.m. | By Jasmine Ali | 4 years, 7 months ago

Blazers crush game taking all three sets

The Varsity Girls' Volleyball (2-1) team wins all three sets against Springbrook (3-3), with sets score of 25-14, 25-11 and 25-5. Blair had a shaky start to the game but ended up finishing extremely strong in the last set, not letting the Blue Devils get more than 10 points.

In the first set, Springbrook served efficiently, with an early lead. The Blazers didn't panic, stayed cool, and before long, Blair took the lead and ran with with it. This set wasn't a complete runaway, since the Blue Devils had strong blocks which were well timed. However that did not make up for Springbrook's lack of movement to receive balls that weren't particularly close to any player, with only body movements and not physically moving to meet the ball.

In the second set, Blazers managed to keep a few blocks, taking advantage of players' heights. Springbrook wasn't serving well, with plenty of net serves and out of bounds. Blair also made a few mistakes on judging whether a ball was out and simply watching one fly right past players. This mistake was partially due to the offset communication Blazers had in earlier sets. "The first two sets, we had issues with communicating, we had a couple dropped balls, but as the sets progressed, we communicated more and didn't have as many hitting errors as we did in the first and second set," Senior Laicha Hayes explained. Springbrook took both of their timeouts to try to stp Blair's momentum. In the second timeout, the Blue Devils got particularly spirited and were reenergized to take the game head on. That didn't last too long as the timeouts did little to stop Blair's lead in the set.

In the final set, Blazers were determined to come out of it with their best foot forward and gave Springbrook little chance to gain any ground. With strong offense and improving receives, Blair was able to completely take over this last set. In addition, most of Springbrook's passes and receives were quite high, which led to reduced accuracy. Junior Catherine Lei took advantage of this and served hard and low. But Springbrook didn't give up without a fight. Most of the rallys in the game were very close to the the net. In one particular rally, the ball rapidly went back and forth between sides and only ended when both teams got extremely close to the edge of the net and Blair wasn't able to bring it over.

While the game started off a bit shaky, Blazers were able to pull through and finished with a fantastic last set. Next week, Blazers are playing Magruder in a highly anticipated rematch. "Magruder is an excellent school with many strong players that we have been battling over the years and each time we get a little bit closer to defeating them," Sophomore Svetlana Semenova said.

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