VIDEO: Photographic Journey: Life at Blair

May 30, 2012, 10:57 a.m. | By Tolu Omokehinde | 10 years, 6 months ago

A look into a day at Blair through time lapse photography.

After nearly seven months of time consuming, strenuous hard work, I have finally completed my comprehensive time lapse of Montgomery Blair High School.

Photo: Some still frames from the Blair time lapse. Photo courtesy of Tolu Omokehinde.

I started this project in November 2011, drawing inspiration from Terje Sorgjerd, a National Geographic Nature photographer who created an extensive time lapse of the day-night phenomenon in Norway. From there, I began researching time lapse photography, which led to someone hacking my Canon firmware (software the camera uses) to taking over 175,000 photos in seven months.

Despite the long hours I spent editing and piecing footage together, I've enjoyed the many views and perspectives that I got to photograph. One of the privileges and opportunities I got, which not many Blazers get to do, is to take pictures and experience the view from the roof of Blair. It really is a spectacular sight, and I share it with you in these videos. Because of the roof access, I was able to photograph everything from sunrises and sunsets to thunderstorms and stars.

Photo: This image shows one of the many scenes in time lapse video.  Photo courtesy of Tolu Omokehinde.

Since this will be my final time lapse video, I just want to say 'Thank You" to Silver Chips. Silver Chips has not only made me a better photographer, it has allowed me to meet others who also love photography and aspire to learn more and achieve great things in the field. I would also like to give a special thanks to Mr.Yak, Mr. Fanning and Mr.Abdul, who not only granted me access to Blair's roof but made sure that I made it back down safely every time. Lastly, a special thanks to Emma Howells, who pushed me to finish the project when I had almost given up on it.

I wish my fellow photographers and writers good luck, and I hope everything runs smoothly next year.

~Tolu Omokehinde, Managing Photo Editor for Print 2011-2012

*See a Slideshow of still frames from the time lapse below:*

**Watch the actual video here:**

Editor's Note: Emma Howells is a Photo Editor for Silver Chips Online. Joseph Fanning is the advisor for Silver Chips Print.

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