Vikings are getting disgruntled, Blazer style

Dec. 21, 2002, midnight | By KC Costanzo | 21 years, 5 months ago

Response to seething commenters

This humor piece is a response to the article Vikings are going down, Blazer style and the comments that followed it.

First off, let me say this: Wow.

The reason I type this statement of surprise is twofold --

One: I had no idea it was possible for a story to get this many comments.

Two: I can't believe Blair and Whitman are, judging from the responses on this page, made up almost completely of four and five year olds.

Guys, this is a dumb argument to put it bluntly and simply. I was a tad thrown that so many Whitman students (I'm assuming here that it's more than one and not just the same person posting over and over) were so offended by this article. Sure he pokes fun at your school and throws out a couple stats you may not like, but I mean come on, it's not that serious.

That being said, I do think some aspects of Ben's article were a bit over-the-top so I can understand why there was a little resentment.

I'd also like to say to people like "JM": grow up or at least stop commenting. You're making your school look bad. Tape your fingers together if you have to or remove the keyboard from the computer. I have no problems with Whitman, just the people representing it in the comments section.

Comments like this are what really got me: "[A]s a Whitman student, let me apologize for having smart, hard-working parents. Next allow me to apologize for the fact that Whitman has better athletes and a better newspaper."

It's interesting that you should point out your parents are hard working. The way you presented that comment was, I'd say, a pretty clear jab at the people of Blair. The parents of Blair students work at least as hard as Whitman's and in some cases harder. Consider that Blair is made up mostly of minority students. Consider that racism does still exist even in liberal areas such as our own. Put two and two together and you realize that the average Blair parent probably has to work harder than the average Whitman parent to get jobs and maintain them. This isn't meant as criticism of Whitman parents so don't have a fit kids. My family's white so we have just as easy as the majority of Whitman families and 30% of Blair.

As to the second half of the comment reposted above, I won't comment because I don't think bragging about a newspaper you work for is very professional. However I will say that our Online staff is the best so BOOYA!

Woops. Sorry folks, I meant to say that we're a very humble bunch.

I'm sure there were plenty of stupid posts by Blair students as well so don't come crying because I didn't complain about any of them. The fact is, I really couldn't be bothered to go back and read the same regurgitated slurs and jibes over and over again.

If you're like me in that respect, I've prepared a quick summary of nearly every post on this board that I've glanced at:

Posted by: Clever Name that Either Pokes Fun at the Opposing School or Boasts about My School Pride :: 12/20/2002

I was terribly offended by (that last clearly uninformed post/this terrible article). Because the views of one person clearly represent your entire school, I find it necessary to reply in kind. (Blair/Whitman) is the worst school ever and (Whitman/Blair) is far superior. We have better sports teams that could kick your team's butt any day of the week or year. Your school newspaper is made up of eggheads who don't rite grammar good or make sentences that sound well. I will now write a bunch of random "facts" that "justify" my stated opinion. ("Facts" declared) Now I will take random "words" from other posts and "put them" in "quotes" to show I know what I'm talking "about." Let me finish up by taking a final cheap shot at (Blair/Whitman) followed by a couple more words in "quotes."

Of course there were a couple exceptions to this general summary such as Izaak's comment (Izaak, man! You're supposed to talk about how bad the other school is, dude!), but these exceptions are few and far between.

At any rate, I've already taken up enough space so let me finish up by saying that Whitman is made up of egotistical maniacs and now I have to go eat "lunch."

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