Voicebox: What do you have to say about September 11?

Sept. 28, 2001, midnight | By Kevin Chang | 19 years, 3 months ago

Question: What reponse do you have to the events of September 11?
(Taken from the banner of rememberance posted on the SAC wall.)

”I remember the day
 that they crashed
 and a thousand people cried

 I remember the day
 that they fell
 and a thousand people died

 I remember the day
 when they screamed
 and a thousand people sighed

 I'll remember the day
 for a thousand years
 and always I'll remind”
-Amina ’04

”To the people of New York City, Washington D.C. and Pittsburg: We will fight to live our lives the way they were, we'll fight to keep peace and hope in our hearts, and we'll pray for those who lost their lives in this attack on America. This is a chance to progress as a people and a nation.”
-Mary Murphy

”Don't blame the Muslims, blame the stupidity of humanity!! My prayers to all of the lost ones R.I.P”
-Sam Gneiss

”When a frayed string breaks,
 With a new knot it lasts longer.
 When a nation's heart aches
 Afterwards it will be stronger.
 *It is the dawn of a new era*”
-Rebecca Sugar

”We won't get revenge.
 We will get justice!”

”To those who have passed, 10000 words cannot bring you back, I know because I've tried. 10000 tears cannot bring you back, I know because I've tried. To all of you who have lost someone, I feel your pain.”
-Katie Schiebecker ’05, Stasi Tyser ’05

”Understanding comes before retaliation. The occurence of such an event shows the deepest flaws in our world and we must understand them before we act. We will never forget.”
-SNK ’04

”Maybe the most important thing to do right now is to come together and not worry about anything but love and hope for the victims. I know there isn't really anything to be said - I can't help being angry or sad - and I know that this tragedy will outlive all of us in the memory of generations to come. But it must be understood that America is strong and it is only inevitable that we will pull through on top, and overcome this rancid act of terror. My mother always taught me - after my father's death - after Oklahoma - any tragedy that has hit me or my family that you have to look for the good. Never focus on the bad. And let us pray for all of the lives lost --- together.”
-Sarah Johnson ’02

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