Warriors wallop boy Blazers

Sept. 22, 2005, midnight | By Phillip Allen | 18 years, 5 months ago

Varsity loses 6-0 to Sherwood

Sept. 20, SHERWOOD—

The Blazers lost their second straight game in particularly disappointing fashion to defending state champion Sherwood High School. The 6-0 score resulted from the team's dismal defensive performance. This combined with a complete lack of offensive cohesiveness led to the Blazers' first goalless game this year.

Sherwood played like the state champions they were from the very start, winning every loose ball and controlling the tempo of the game. The Warriors took advantage of the Blazers' sluggish start, scoring their first goal in the fifth minute. A Sherwood forward crossed the ball towards the back post where an open player shot it into the upper left corner of the net.

Blair responded well, moving the ball with quick, accurate passes in the possession style of play they excel at. The spur of energy was capped by two scoring opportunities by forward Bereket Abebe, one, which bounced just wide, and one, which flew barely over the crossbar. These failed attempts proved to be some of the very few chances Blair would have.

In the fifteenth minute the Warriors scored again. The goal came off of a deflected pass that a Sherwood midfielder placed into the side of the net. If the second goal demoralized Blair, the third and the fourth completely broke their spirits. Both goals were scored off defensive breakdowns that forced co-captain goalie Adam MacLeod into one-on-one situations.

The Warriors' fourth goal occurred off a rebound when MacLeod made a tremendous diving save, deflecting the ball away from the post. Unfortunately, no defender was in position to clear the ball, allowing the forward to finish his shot. MacLeod scrambled to try to grab the loose ball but arrived too late, earning a kick in the shoulder rather than a save.

The Blazers headed into the half down 4-0. Coach Adrian Baez and captains McLeod, forward Mac Kpadeh and mid-fielder Patrick Beckford yelled at the Blazers, attempting to motivate their teammates through their own anger, profanity and emotion.

The passionate sermons by the Blazer captains seemed to fall on deaf ears as only three minutes into the second half they allowed a break-away goal on replacement keeper Matt McClain. The team brought on a little more intensity for the next 20 minutes before allowing another goal, concluding the rout.

After the game the Captains were too disgusted by the squad's lack of response to their half-time lecture to muster another oration. Kpadeh said, "Nothing needs to be said. You know how you played, just go home."

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