West, David

Nov. 27, 2002, midnight | 18 years, 1 month ago

by Kyle Irion

Name: David West
Subject: NSL Government
Education: Master's degree in Education
Previous jobs: Camp Counselor, Retail Store Cashier, Door-to-Door Political Fundraising Canvasser, and Political Organizer
Came to Blair in: 1993
Hobbies: road biking, hiking, traveling, and reading
David West has taught Nation State Local Government at Montgomery Blair High School for the past nine years of his teaching career. West also taught at Seneca Valley High for four years and at Wooton High for one year. He chose to come to Blair because of the "especially friendly, motivated, and skilled teachers."

West's interest in history, a need to remain active in community issues, and a directive from his mother helped him decide to become a teacher.

West loves history. As a student at Brandies University and at the University of Colorado, his favorite subjects were government, history, and sociology. In college, West got involved in grassroots politics to try to rally citizen support for laws to improve his community, country, and world. His participated in a protest at Library of Congress against excessive military spending attracted media attention.

West is originally from Atlanta, Georgia. When he was six years old, West's family moved to Bethesda, which is where he currently resides. West is what one would call a family man. His lovely wife Sandra, two daughters Teri and Lena, and a pet hamster named Twigs keep West company at home. West chooses not to participate in any after school activities so that he can spend more time with his family. During the summer, West loves to travel and spend time outdoors with his family.

Although West has been teaching for over ten years, he still finds it challenging at times when parents of students do not help with schoolwork. West said, "Many of my students have parents who do little to help them."

West also finds it difficult to teach when students have interests and issues that distract them, or even when his students dislike him. West said, "Back in my day we would never let a teacher know that we did not respect him or her." West's upbringing in a more affluent area with less diversity does not hinder his respect for Blair students.

West's senior year at the University of Colorado was his favorite because he had a lot of fun doing political work as a door-to-door fundraising canvasser. Interestingly, West worked in college as a bodyguard outside the dressing room for the band The Ramones.

Could West defend the rights of others in a court of law? Possibly, if he was not a teacher he would most likely practice law.

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