What hinders Halloween

Oct. 29, 2008, midnight | By Julia Wynn | 11 years, 12 months ago

It's almost Halloween night. Kids will be crowding the doorways of every house yelling "trick-or-treat!" in various silly, frightening and unusual costumes, enthused about the prospect of free candy. But a group of adolescents will spoil the excited and spirited atmosphere, approaching houses in everyday jeans and t-shirts, expecting to fill enormous garbage bags with free candy.

For many, Halloween is primarily about the candy. But if trick-or-treaters don't dress up, they shouldn't receive a treat. A successful Halloween requires effort from both parties: if house owners spend time and money to purchase candy, trick-or-treaters should also spend some time and money on a costume. Trick-or-treating isn't even really trick-or-treating without the essential element of a costume; it is a lame, pitiful plead for sweets, which is obnoxious at any time of the year. Halloween costumes don't even have to be particularly creative. If a person doesn't have the means to purchase or make a full costume, a simple scream mask or bed sheet will do the trick. Plenty of trick-or-treaters already turn to these costumes when feeling lazy come Halloween night.

Simple costumes are better than nothing. Asking for candy with no costume is taking advantage of people's resources and, more shamefully, their kindness. Candy distributors have dedicated themselves to making everyone's night enjoyable and satisfying a universal sweet tooth. And one thing that trick-or-treaters can do to thank their (sometimes) generous patrons is entertain them with an interesting costume. It's just more polite to put some effort into a costume when neighbors are providing free treats (even if it is pretzels, raisins or something else undesirably healthy). Forgoing a costume is not only showing no Halloween spirit, but it is also being unappreciative of all the candy distributors' efforts.

On a different note, the people who do dress up feel that their efforts are pointless if they see others gaining candy without a costume. Granted a number of people would probably still dress up for Halloween just for the sake of looking different, making a statement, poking fun at something or someone, etc. But many would not waste their time finding a costume if they didn't have to, which defeats the whole purpose of Halloween.

So break out a new white sheet, or find that tangled wig from years past, because Halloween is the only holiday when you can be whoever or whatever you want. Make an effort to share in the fun while taking advantage of free treats!

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