What is your favorite DC sports team?

Nov. 23, 2004, midnight | By Tiffany Yee | 16 years, 2 months ago

"As an avid fan of the Dallas Cowboys, my favorite DC sports team has to be the Washington Redskins. Every year, my friends assure me the ‘Skins will finally beat the Cowboys. Every year, they're wrong! I'm looking forward to Dec. 26, the next showdown."
-senior Bill McManigle

"My favorite sports team in DC is the Washington Redskins. Despite their records in the past and their current record, I believe that they're the only team in DC that has a shot of winning a title for their respective sport."
-sophomore Jack Graul

"My favorite Washington, DC sports team is the Wizards. They haven't been good for a long time, but they are the only professional basketball team in DC. There are good individual talents on the Wizards, and hopefully they will learn to play together. They play at the MCI Center, which isn't too far, and you can get there easily if you take the metro. In the near future, the Wizards will make the playoffs."
-sophomore David Disimino

"I have been a fan of the Washington Redskins for as long as I can remember. Every Sunday, I sit around the TV with my family and watch the Redskins play. I have always been addicted to football and the Redskins games are on only once a week. A full week without football builds up a lot of excitement and makes watching the Redskins play even more fun. I think football season is the most important, and the Redskins are a very popular symbol of sports in DC. I am always looking forward to a new season with hopes of improving the record. I think they have been a good team and just need good coaching, which I think Joe Gibbs will eventually provide."
-sophomore Megan Harmison

"My favorite Washington, DC sports team is the Washington Redskins. I feel this way because in my whole family we've been Redskins fans all our lives. Even though the ‘Skins aren't having such a good season, I still cheer them on."
-sophmore Chris Kiron

"My favorite Washington, D.C. sports team is definitely D.C. United. This is mainly because my favorite sport is soccer, but also, D.C. United has by far been the most successful team in the D.C. area. They have already won four championships, all of which were back to back."
-junior Victor Roy

"My favorite Washington, D.C. sport is basketball, both the men's and women's teams. I like the women's team the Mystics because I am an aspiring basketball player. And they have a lot of good players on their team, such as my idol Alana Beard, who used to play for Duke and everyone tells me that I look like her. I like the Wizards because they too have good players on their teams. They're also the home team and fun to watch."
-senior Brittany Higgins

"My favorite Washington, D.C. sports team is definitely the Washington Redskins. I like them so much. A lot of people trash talk the 'skins and say that they're bad and all but in reality they have great talent and just recently got a great returning coach to better establish and get this team back on track. Even if they did start off 1-4, they can still get back in the game and show everybody just what the Washington Redskins are all about!...if a switch at quarterback is done."
-sophomore Genesis Davison

"I love the Washington Redskins and I have been following them since 1991. Both my father and my grandfather are huge fans and they passed their love for the game to me. Football is the greatest sport in the world."
-senior Hersch Bhatia

"I actually have no favorite sports teams for Washington, D.C. None of the teams are able to pull off winning records or they rarely make playoffs of any kind. Boston is where it's at. Go Sox!"
-junior Will Tao

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