What is your favorite video game and why?

April 5, 2005, midnight | By Tiffany Yee | 15 years, 9 months ago

"My favorite video game is Metroid Fusion. This game is probably the most engaging action game I've played that doesn't have any blood or gore. Another reason I love this game is that it takes about two to three hours to beat the game, but to completely max it out, you need about two more hours. After that, it's fun to just sit around, shooting everything in sight."
-freshman Malcolm Foley

"Out of all the games I have played until this point, I would have to say that 'The Legend of Zelda' series and 'Resident Evil 4' tie for first place. Both games are superior in many ways. Legend of Zelda revolutionized video games and continues to star Link in amazing adventures, filled with outstanding visuals and storylines. Resident Evil 4 revived a dying series. The plot is better than any of the other Resident Evil games and even surpassed the movies. Plus, the graphics are better than any other games. The faces, bodies, and movement were all based on real people, using the same technology that brought Gollum to life in 'Lord of the Rings'."
-freshmen Stefan Reckson

"My favorite video game is probably Halo. Why? Because everyone plays it. I don't have Xbox, PS2, or Gamecube, so I play it on my computer. Online play on Halo PC is much better than Xbox live because no monthly fee is needed. I'm not obsessed about it. I only play on weekends a maximum of an hour a day. Video games are in my past. I have other interests. I still can't wait until Halo 2 is released for the PC. Overall, Halo is a great game, even though there is a violence element."
-freshmen Nitin Sukumar

"Halo 2 is my favorite video game. For a console shooter, the controls are fluid and the gameplay is awesome. The one-player mode features a deep story and is challenging but fun. Xbox Live provides endless multiplayer experience, and split screen multiplayer is great too. All these qualities make up my favorite video game."
-freshmen Wenbo Dou

"My favorite video game is the Grand Theft Auto series. I like these games because they are real to a certain level. They are also about people in the streets and what they have to do to survive. Also, the game has a series of missions that include picking up people or sometimes 'taking care' of someone. The game also needs some type of strategy in order to beat it. So this game has everything a game needs."
-freshmen Dennis Pillajo

"Final Fantasy is by far the greatest video game to have ever graced humanity. It is a classical journey in a mystifying world of enchantment full of love, surprise, and hours of action. It has a greater number of sequels than most other games and it provokes thought for hours on after."
-freshmen Sean Hamzehee

"Really, my favorite video game is 'Zelda: The Wind Water'. Admittedly, it doesn't allow for much fighting or multiplayer action, but perhaps that's why I enjoy it. Many people are astonished when they hear about my hobby. 'You're a girl? And you play video games?' I say that there is nothing like smashing a few piggies at the end of the day."
-freshmen Susan Thomas

"My favorite video game is 'NFL Madden 2005.' Possibly the greatest sports game in history, "Madden" features an over 1000 year franchise option and new game play features such as Hit Stick and Pump Fakes. The game's ability to bring to life action exactly how it happens on the field is why "Madden" is my favorite game."
-sophomore Phillip Allen

"Definitely 'Lord of the Rings.' Aside from myself loving the movies and books already, I think that the game is about strategy, in a way. You get to control a character, find ways of unlocking doors and escaping, though it does give you headaches sometimes."
-freshman Ginny Lee

"The best video game ever created, by far, is 'Super Street Fighter II Turbo' for the Super Nintendo. This game basically revolutionized fighting games. Crisp graphics, fluid motion, and a fast-paced fighting engine all came together to form a game the likes of which console games had never seen. 'Super Street Fighter II Turbo' set the standard for fighting games, and without it, games like 'Soul-Caliber' and the popular 'Mortal Kombat' series would never have been made."
-sophomore Tim Nicklas

"'Halo 2' is my favorite game because it has an awesome campaign and multiplayer mode. The stunning visual details give a feeling of reality to this science fiction game. New features like the energy sword and dual-wield weapons make the sequel even more action packed. There are huge levels like Zanzibar and Headlong, and smaller ones like Beaver Creek. The variety of weapons makes the game exciting. And what's more fun than shooting down your friend?"
-freshman Sahil Shah

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