What to do when you're feeling blue

March 2, 2013, 1:20 p.m. | By Aanchal Johri | 11 years, 2 months ago

According to a report done by the American Physiological Association, young adults, ages 18 to 33, have reported the highest levels of stress. Most of us already have ways to unwind, but sometimes, when all else fails, a goofy, unconventional technique is just what is needed to boost your spirits.

Do a Silly Dance or Sing in a Funny Accent

Take a break from your stressful activities by cranking up your favorite song and doing a silly dance. Try out those suave moves you have only seen in movies and have been longing to try out. If dancing really isn't your thing, learn all the lyrics of the song and try singing it in a funny foreign accent (Italian and British work great).

Add Numbers

This nifty trick is credited to Ender from "Ender's Game." Start with a small number and add it to itself. Then take the result and add it to itself again. For example, adding one and one makes two. Two and two makes four, then four and four makes eight. Continue this process for a while and the numbers become relatively large pretty quickly, giving your mind a distraction for your day's work. Within seconds, your attention will be diverted from your daily grievances and towards a complex array of numbers.

As the kite flies into the air, so will your spirits. See how long you can keep the kite air-borne.  Photo courtesy of BBC News.

Fly a Kite

Weather permitting, find a large, open field and try to fly a kite. When the wind picks up, throw the kite into the air so that it catches the wind and release the string sections at a time. Keep the kite in the air by running straight across the field. If you do not own a kite already, you can easily make one by securing a piece of yarn to a decorated piece of paper. As the kite flies into the air, so will your spirits – see how long you can keep the kite air-borne.

Keep a Joke Diary

Keep a journal all jokes or funny events or quotes that you can add to at any time. That way, when you are feeling a little overwhelmed, you can turn to a page and instantly travel back to a memorable time period. An additional tip is to number your entries and share the journal with a friend. If either of you needs cheering up, you can refer to a specific number and laugh about it together. Ask your friend, "Remember number 22?” and both of you will be in fits of laughter immediately.

Next time you are feeling worked up about school or other activity, stop, take a break and try out one of these tricks. For more tips on how to limit your stress, read this.

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