Would you be willing to leave your home in order to recieve a good education?

April 26, 2004, midnight | By Shewit Woldu | 16 years, 9 months ago

"I would be willing to leave my house for a good education. My house is boring and nothing ever happens, so if I move maybe there will be more excitement. Also if I move away I will not have to listen to my parents.
Finally if I leave home in the long run it will be worth it because I am going to have to move out eventually and if I can move out and get a good education I would be killing two birds with one stone. That is why I would be willing to move out for a good education."
- freshman Federico R.

"Yes. I would most definitely leave my house and family to get a good education because nothing holds me back from doing what I want to do."
- junior Lauren Simmons

"I would be willing to leave my home and family to get a good education because then, once I'm done with it I can provide for my family. Besides, I know my parents would ship me off for a better education any day."
- junior Christina Do

"I would leave my home and family for a better education because it is what you gain in the long run. Then I would be able to help my family if needed because I would make lots more money than I would if I did not go to get a better education."
-junior David Sileshi

"Yes! I would leave my family and home to get a good education. Why? Because it's my life I'm starting now and I need to start it by getting away on my own for a while and learning how to make it on my own. In the future my mother or dad will not be there for me every step of the way. I have to do that on my own."
-senior Mike Hayes

"I am going to leave my home, not because I want to but because I have to.
My plans are to join the Navy and study the most I can while I am there. The most important reason that made me make this decision is my Mom and my Grandma. I want to give them the best I have. I want to give them everything, that's why I have to work really hard right now, so I can help them and pay for everything I need. When I join the Navy I want to study a lot about jet engines and a lot more stuff that interests me. I also want half of the money I make in the Navy to go back to my country to my Mom and my Grandma. I am going to give my best, so I can accomplish what I want for my family."
-senior Luis Alvarado

"Yes, I am willing to leave my home and family to get a good education, because my family came here for me so I can get a good education. I know they will do anything for me. If I have any place to get my education I will leave everything and go. I will do that because I want to help my family.
After I have a good education and get a good job, I can pay my family for the things they did for me. I love my family, and all I do is for them. If I am a good successful student, my family will be proud. I want to be a smart, intelligent young lady. I will do anything to get a good education."
- senior Dina Asegedew

"No. I wouldn't be willing to leave my home and family to get a good education because "home" is the best place to be after hard work or after school. There is always the probability of going to college and not learning anything. We all know that 50% or more or less students pass college. The people who leave their home and family and fail or dropout of college go home. There are plenty of good colleges around the area. You could go to Baltimore and go to school and come back home every weekend or something.
But there is no place like home."
-senior Lito Cuadra

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