Kiran Belani

Name: Kiran Belani
Position: Page Editor
Graduation Year: 2006
Kiran Belani (NOT Bhat, NOT the boy... GET IT RIGHT!! ) is a member of the Silver Chips Junior Business Staff. She enjoys playing tennis, lacrosse (the passion of her life), and Indian dancing (yay for Magnet Arts Night)! Belani's favorite dessert is tiramisu, and her favorite number is 11.. heres why: - she was born at 5:06 in the morning, and 5+6=11 - she has 11 letters in her name (k-i-r-a-n-b-e-l-a-n-i) - she was born on 11/11 and eleven is just fun to say! Belani is looking forward to a great year of being a part of the Silver Chips family.