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Wednesday, August 22, 2018 1:38 am

Clubs: Learn a Language

Time: Tuesday; 3 4 p.m.
Place: Room 156
Sponsor: Keri Galloway
President: Xin Shan
Spanish, French, Latin these are the usual languages offered at school. But for those who are interested in other foreign tongues, "Learn a Language" (LAL) club provides exactly that. In just its second year, the club offers six languages: Japanese, Chinese, Korean, German, Arabic and Esperanto.

Students are always critical of teachers, but at LAL, the students are the teachers. And to keep the club from becoming a ninth period, learning is made more exciting. "We try to teach it in a fun way," says president Xin Shan, a junior, referring to the movies members watch and games they play.

Shan, fluent in Japanese, founded the club after requests for being tutored in the language grew too large. "People were always asking me to teach them Japanese," Shan recalls. "So, I decided to get them all in one room at the same time."

Other students fluent in foreign languages joined Shan to increase the club's language offerings to five. However, Japanese still remains the most popular language with Shan still as its teacher. Esperanto, a "universal" language, had a club of its own until its sponsor, Carole Tomayko, retired from Blair at the end of last year. The members combined with Shan's club and Esperanto became another language in the club's repertoire.

Now, after the club attracted nearly 30 students to its kickoff sushi party, Shan is excited for the year. "It was a great surprise to see so many people," she says.

If interested in joining "Learn a Language" club, please contact Keri Galloway or Xin Shan.

Editor's Note: Xin Shan is on the Art staff of Silver Chips Online.

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