Montgomery Blair High School's Online Student Newspaper
Tuesday, August 21, 2018 1:45 pm

Clubs: Mock Trial

Time: Wednesday, 3 - 4 p.m.
Place: Room 241
Sponsor: Stefanie Weldon
President: Pia Nargundkar, Sarah Kinter
The Maryland Bar League is calling Blair's Mock Trial club to the stand to testify. Mock Trial is a club dedicated to simulating law cases and this year, they plan to be champions.

The team competes in two groups, the prosecution and the defense, along with six witnesses, who compete against other schools in the county in actual Maryland law cases.

After a heart-breaking loss in the semi-finals of the Montgomery County Mock Trials, Blair's team looks to rebuild on last year's success and win it all. "We were so close last year," says junior Naina Soni. "We really want to go to the finals now."

With a new sponsor and focus, the team of young attorneys is faced with another challenge. New sponsor, Stefanie Weldon, takes over the club with high expectations in an attempt to go undefeated, which they were almost able to do last year, going 6-1 in the Maryland Bar League.

As for the actual trials, they begin in January and February, with the finals held in the following months "if we're lucky," says Weldon. Back in 2001, Blair won the Montgomery County finals. "We expect to do really well this year," says Soni.

Mock trial is just getting underway for the 2007-2008 season, with their very first meeting held on Oct. 17, where they explained the upcoming tryout process to eager students. "We are just beginning to fill the team," says Weldon. Tryouts were held on Oct. 24.

If interested in joining Mock Trial, please contact Pia Nargundkar or Stefanie Weldon.

Club beat by Jon Kesten