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Sunday, August 19, 2018 12:07 am

Clubs: Blair Network Communications

Time: No fixed time; class-based
Place: TV Studio
Sponsor: Shay Taylor, Paris Bustillos, Bryan Nance
President: Ariel La (Television Executive Director)
Navigating the complex, maze-like studio, the staff of Blair Network Communications (BNC) emits an air of professionalism as they edit the next InfoFlow show. Each member is assigned a different yet equally important task, depending on which department they are in: television, radio, production or public relations.

In addition to InfoFlow and other Blair-related productions, BNC television produces many shows that air on Montgomery County Public School's channel. These shows cover an extensive range of topics, from teenage problems to child development. BNC radio also creates shows that are relevant to the Blair community, entertaining Blazers with the latest hits during lunch and after school.

The BNC production and public relations divisions work behind-the-scenes to maintain BNC's effectiveness. The production division controls the use of its professional studio equipment for BNC productions and other studio-related class projects and strives to ensure quality products. Public Relations advertises the television, radio and internet productions and raises funds to maintain the services of BNC by holding pizza sales and car washes. One of the most popular fundraisers is the Semester Shakedown, the annual dance which gives Blazers a chance to celebrate the end of first semester.

According to Special Projects Coordinator Chris Jennison, a senior, BNC started as an after school club in the late '80s but soon evolved into a class, producing a number of shows. In 1997, Montgomery County officials banned "Shades of Gray," a debate show dealing with controversial issues, believing it was too controversial; the other BNC shows suffered accordingly. "All of our shows declined after that," says Jennison. "But then Karla Berberich, who was a producer last year, brought 'Shades of Life' and with that, we brought back a lot of shows."

Students are required to apply for membership into BNC. The recruitment process takes place during the beginning of second semester and applicants must submit a request based on their chosen field if a student is interested in television, for example, he or she must submit a video proposal. Furthermore, applicants are required to pitch show ideas during their interview. This technique has proved helpful for BNC; "Everyday Heroes," a show BNC broadcasts, was pitched last year by an applicant.

Students who are interested in joining BNC should contact Shay Taylor.

Club beat by Anika Manzoor