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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 1:59 am

Clubs: Envirothon

Time: No consistent time
Place: Room 365 or Room 325
Sponsor: Angelique Bosse, Tran Pham
Envirothon is a competition in the spring that tests a team of five students' knowledge on the environment in a variety of categories - forestry, aquatics, soils, wildlife and a mystery event. The studying for this event is entirely group-directed , with each group member specializing in one of the categories.

There is only one mandatory meeting for all participants need to attend, followed by a training session to go to before the actual competition. "It's basically a giant group test where you answer questions about the environment," says junior Eric Kuang.

After the training session, students are given materials with which to study for the hands-on test. If the students do well on the test, the team gives an oral presentation on an environmental issue. In previous years, the topic for the presentation was global warming.

If the teams do well enough on the test at the county level they can move onto the state and national Envirothon competition. The state competition will be held on Tuesday June 17th through Thursday, June 19th at Harford Glen Environmental Education Center in Harford County. Blair has seen two teams win the state championships, once in 2003 and another in 2004, and the school continues to dominate at the county level.

If interested in joining the Environthon team, contact Tran Pham or Angelique Bosse.

Club beat by Sean Howard