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Josephine Baker Courtesy of Another Magazine
Josephine Baker

Women make history

Malala. Beyonce. Michelle Obama. These are just a few of the amazing women that will go down in history as the inspirational advocates for female empowerment. Although many female heroes are well known, there are many others who are not as widely acknowledged.

Stepping up the game

Sophomore Justin Haddad comes home on a Friday afternoon, packs his fencing gear, and hops on a plane to Portland for his next competition.

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The come up of eSports

Nervous athletes pray that their hours of practice pay off, downing energy drinks before heading off to play. Devoted fans pack the arena, wearing the merchandise of their favorite teams. This is not your average Sunday night football game: this is eSports.

Girls' advocacy at Blair

Women have been historically underrepresented in the workforce and have had fight for basic rights. Despite the recent push for women's advocacy, girls today still face many challenges. Girl Up, Code Girls and Women's Advocacy are three clubs at Blair that are trying to make the world a better place to be a girl.

New Year, New Classes

Although Blair already offers a unique variety of electives in Science, Social Studies and Art topics, this school year provided an opportunity for many teachers to offer brand new and unique electives that delve into specific areas of these subjects, such as feminism and advertising.

Dedication to animation

Behind the scenes of films such as Mulan, Toy Story, and Coco, there is a team of artists who put their noses to the grindstone in order to achieve the animated prowess displayed in these films. Even the lighting of a candle requires tedious work and close attention to detail. Animating a flame to look even somewhat realistic is a skill that few people have as it is not easy to master, and requires a lot of time and devotion in order to become proficient.

Losing Lockers

As the number of students at Blair is expected to surpass 3,000 students next year and the overcrowding problem is anticipated to grow throughout MCPS, it is clear that the schools must clear the space that lockers take up and use it in a more productive manner.
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"I like to travel with teens because I like to watch them see the world for the first time" - Anne Cullen