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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 11:31 pm

Alexis Egan

Online Entertainment Editor
Alexis is a (very) short junior, who is very pleased to be writing for Chips Online with all her friends. Along with writing, her other hobbies are playing soccer, reading about Mount Everest and listening to any Irish music. Her favorite movie is The Princess Bride, with Whale Rider coming in for a close second choice. Warning: if you start a conversation about Mount Everest with her, it will NEVER end.

Stories Authored (66)

Summer flicks 2007

Potato and leek soup

A seasonal play

What time is it? Game time!

A powerful "Wind"

Shamrock and roll

Lemon Meringue Pi

A light hearted "Lulu Dark"

A dark "Black Donnellys"

Native American Tacos

TPRC holds meeting to discuss new gymnasium

Pines of Rome: a forest of flavors

"Nature Girl": A natural disappointment

"Perfume": a long lasting fragrance

Chicken curry with asian pears

"Piratz" treasure

"The Fountain" without leaks

"Drawing a Blank": A few spaces

"Bat out of Hell": Back to success

An unforgettable festival

"Heroes" save the day

S'more cake

A rocking folk festival

Graduated seniors streak through Blair

SCO's summer movie preview

A native passion

National slam poet visits Blair

"The Book Thief" captures the power of words

Terp statues installed in Downtown Silver Spring

Irish hold commemoration parade

GW hosts "Becoming Natashas" and panel discussion

Burning desire

A missing chapter

"The Unit": In need of unity

Bits of Ireland

Homemade ginger-ale

"Crazy for You": Insanely good

A piece of Takoma Park

Taking the primitive out of camping food

Mashed Potato Candy

From pages to plates, from movies to mouths

Movies to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day

1602: A "Marvel"-ous year

Straight from the books and on the right track

Blazer performs at Sidwell Arts Guild

Jared Diamond visits DC

Escaping from problems into disorder

"Rebel Angels" defies typical literature

Five icy novels to get you ready for winter

'Tis the season to be cooking

Local theater group holds successful gala

Pay "Rent"

Helping the homeless — and themselves

SGR, Amnesty International hold Sudan discussion

The old versus the new

Tasty Halloween Treats

Unsafe zone?

"The Minister's Daughter" curses readers

Controversial novel and recent film "Speaks" to all

Blazers pummel Damascus

"Bones": Send this show to the grave

Stuck in time

An everyday delight

A dropkick to success

Lumos Harry Potter?

Are we really safe?

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