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Monday, July 16, 2018 6:23 am

Sean Howard

Online Humor and Food Editor
There is a spy among us and his name is Sean Howard. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Sean moved to Germantown prior to his current residence in Gaithersburg. Although he has now lived in Maryland for most of his life, he has retained his loyalty to the Cowboys, the Spurs, and the Longhorns. The rising Magnet junior is rarely seen without some article of clothing made by The North Face and he loves small animals. Sean is psyched to be a part of Silver Chips Online. He is smart, funny, devilishly handsome and pretty self-absorbed considering how much he enjoyed writing this bio-piece.

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Melt the chopped semisweet chocolate, stirring occasionally.
Behold, your salty snack in all its crunchy glory.
After Marinating the seeds, salt them for good measure and bad cholesterol.
Prepare a pot with butter to marinate said pumpkin seeds while salting them.
After removing the seeds from the pumpkin guts, allow seeds to dry.
The not-so-urbane burger from Urban Burger.
The Five Guys burger in all its glory.
The Fuddruckers Burger. Genus Burgerus Species Fuddruckus.
Mushrooms + Sour Cheese + Burger Patty = Goodness.
The shoe in question.
As you pour, steer clear of all distractions or obstructions unless you like your brownies chunky and uneven.
The final product in all its glory.
Though this is brownie mix, don't try to take it through airport security. Seriously.
Once you've mixed the eggs, water and oil, it should look like this.
Simon Pegg returns in a romantic comedy about love, commitment, and lots of running.
Tasty venison, an unorthodox treat.
An appetizer as filling as an entree, with feta cheese and tomatoes soaked in a tasty sauce.
Ground-up olives on bread: not for butter lovers.
The final treats, celebrating pi day in style.
Freshly frosted and ready to decorate
Almost there: and ready for that oven.
Into the bowl: vegetable oil, eggs, water and cake mix mingle together.
After baking for 35-40 minutes, enjoy these spicy wings.
Here is the final product, ready to save or serve!
Finally, add some black olives for an uncommon but delicious flavor.
After cheese is spread generously over the layers, onions add a little more crunch.
Grated cheese adds more flavor to this explosive dip.
Lettuce adds some crunch to the salsa.
Salsa brings a kick atop the smooth guacamole.
No dip is complete without guacamole!
Fresh lettuce should be cut into bite-sized pieces.
Be sure to get rid of the roots from green onions.
Cream cheese and seasoning mix form the base of the dip.
Football-shaped quesadillas are a delightful Super Bowl snack.
Wings mixed with spices should be completely covered.
Chicken wings should be pink with no blemishes.