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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 6:20 am

Allison Daitch

Online Managing Editor
"Are you a mod or a rocker?" "No, I'm a mocker." I'm Allison, a.k.a. Allie. I love The Office, How I Met Your Mother, Seinfeld and Harry Potter. I could live off of Cosi TBMs and Signature Salads, with the occasional Quattro Formaggio pizza thrown in for variety. I collect vinyl records, mainly of my favorite band, The Beatles. As John and Ringo said, "What was it that first attracted you to me?" "Well, you're very polite then aren't you?"

Stories Authored (55)

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Pro/Con: Government regulation of contraceptives

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National Honor Society undergoes changes

County develops plans for upgraded bus transit system

Goldberg, David

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International News Roundup for May 7 – May 20

Blair gymnastics wins state competition

Blair gymnastics places second in county

Royal wedding remakes

SCOping out the best froyo

D.C.’s hidden gems

Blair gymnastics overpower Vikings and Wildcats

A funny Brand of "Arthur"

Blair gymnastics defeats Gaithersburg

Ten Blazers participate in annual Montgomery County Science Fair

CVS Pharmacy to arrive at Downtown Silver Spring

The sting of stereotypes

Catastrophic cuts

Show-stopping sweets

Lady Blazers crush Colonels

Girls' basketball to run a bracelet fundraiser

Attached to "No Strings"

SCO's movie remake battle of 2010

Home Properties to redevelop Downtown's Falkland Chase apartments

Merry munchies

Shopping bytes

Lax to the max

Grant approved for "Edline After Hours"

Extreme makeover: House edition

French Young Ambassadors to visit Blair

Girls' tennis places sixth in counties

Blazer tennis ravages Rams

Girls' tennis shoots down Rockets

Déjà boom

Athlete of the Week: Ann Choi, Varsity Girls' Tennis

Patriots' agility trumps Blair tennis

English department struggles with overcrowding

Girls' tennis dominates Warriors

Vikings victimize Blazer tennis

Junior moves on to final round at Apollo Theater

More members, more risks, more problems

Blazer wins Amateur Night at Apollo Theater

"Despicable Me," exceptional glee

Galleries (3) Stop Signs

Pictures (23)

Over 8,000 people attended the University of Maryland's Homecoming Comedy show featuring Aziz Ansari.
Aziz Ansari produced a night full of laughter, even if it was slightly inappropriate.
Wasabi Bistro offers the best froyo and topping combination - taro froyo with mochi on top.
Fruity Yogurt is a self-serve froyo venue with 12 unique and delicious flavors.
Also in the Washington Navy Yard is this enormous canon which was once used during warfare.
In between the Navy Museum and the Display Ship are unique artifacts such as this giant propeller from a ship.
The bullet that killed President Lincoln is displayed within the National Museum of Health and Medicine.
Just a short distance outside of the National Museum of the U.S. Navy is the Display Ship Barry which visitors can walk through and experience the life of a sailor.
Behind the construction and below the U.S. Commerce Building is the small and unknown National Aquarium.
A face and hand mold of President Lincoln accurately replicates the president.
Along Dale Drive in Silver Spring, this sign has been graffitied on the back to showcase a face with its tongue sticking out.
This sign tells it like it is by informing readers to "Stop Faking."
Along Colesville Road, this sign has been painted on with the words "Stop Emo."
Across the street from a police station, this old fashioned wooden stop sign marks the entrance to an old fashioned neighborhood.
In the heart of Takoma Park, Maryland, this sign informs drivers to stop eating animals in addition to stopping the war.
Like Jessie in "Toy Story 3," these cookies have a sassy appearance but are also sweet.
These traditional teatime snacks resemble small rocks (very delicious rocks, that is.)
These Black and White cookies exude an elegance very much like that of the ballet performances in "Black Swan."
By selling bracelets, the girls' basketball team is hoping to spark support for the team. The bracelets will be sold during games, lunch and after school for $3.
We're honestly not sugar-coating anything: these pecans are a fantastic, sweet delight!
These tasty spinach hors d'oeuvres are holiday-colored, healthy and delicious!
Junior Leila Farrer (R) and her French student Nesrine Sersef in Downtown Silver Spring.
Facebook's rapidly-growing popularity has created many new dangers for users.