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Tuesday, August 21, 2018 1:47 pm

Danny Rosenberg

Photo Staff

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Junior Anabel Milton as Cinderalla discusses her experience at the King's Festival with junior Ronnita Freeman as the Baker's Wife.
Freshman Ari Goldbloom-Helzner as Jack describes the giants he has found at the top of the bean stalk.
Senior Leora Goldbloom-Helzner, as the Witch, warns the baker of the spell she has placed on him, and gives him explicit instructions to reverse the curse so he may have a child.
Cinderella's stepmother and stepsisters are forced to look up to the new princess.
Junior Alex Michelle, as the Baker, provides the eager Little Red with baked goods as she prepares for her trip to visit her grandmother.
Katie Gage, junior, plays the role of the naive and sometimes immature Little Red Riding Hood, as she travels through the woods to visit her sick grandmother.
(From left) Senior Emma Rothman as Jack's mother, Ari Goldbloom-Helzner, and senior G Policastri as MIlky White the Cow. Jack's mother laments their lack of money and forces Jack to sell his only friend, Milky White.
Senior Alex Fitzpatrick shows her school pride wearing all red on "Red Out Day" for Senior Spirit Week.
In the Chevy Chase Park, the deer population is three times larger than the suitable amount that can sustain a healthy surrounding environment.
In light of Dr. Coleman's retirement, Currence is serving as interim vice principal for the remainder of the year.
Senior and captain Rachel Robey, front-right, won the captain's award.
The Blazers' unique routine helped them stand out from other schools.
Between hats, buttons, and flags, many bystanders show their support through their Obama-wear.
Cheers of support and loud applause erupt from the crowd as Obama is sworn in.
A group of tourists, easily visible with matching hats and scarves, take photos of the Capitol from the mall.
Police surveyed Constitution Avenue as important political figures travel by.
People run along the parade route to catch a glimpse of the president.
Many capture the historic moment on their cameras and cellphones.
One young boy sits on the shoulders of his father in order to see the jumbotron.
One woman holds up her admission ticket to block the morning sun.
A girl talks with her friends as she waits for the ceremony to begin.
A man waves an American flag with 2013 inscribed on it to celebrate Obama's second-term inauguration.
Hallmark sells potential holiday gifts, but we know you can do better than that.
The LED sign at the intersection of Colesville and University advertises a once in a century event.
A "Save Nick's Farm" bumper sticker clings to the fence around Nick Maravell's Potomac farm.
Blair senior Talia Rodwin takes careful notes on the presented case.
American University sponsors the first annual Ethics Bowl for the Washington D.C. area
Students from the School for Ethics and Leadership in Washington D.C. debrief after two rounds of discussion.
Teams quickly come up with positions on issues including the death penalty, off-shore drilling, and healthcare.
Family members of all ages support their school's students.
Competitors pay careful attention of rules and regulations.
A student reviews notes before being assigned a room.
Students wait for their room assignments before the Ethics Bowl begins.
A chalkboard advertises the style of the competition's discussion.
Paul Moose, Blair's philosophy teacher, confers with a moderator before the event.
The sun sets over Washington D.C. as the holiday season gets off to a warm start
The MCPS Board of Education spoke out against a bill that would increase the number of board members and change the district election process.
Students skate at Wheaton Ice Arena during their half day.
Sophomore Anna Keller of the smartphone programming club works quietly on her laptop.
Senior Talia Rodwin finds a quiet corner to catch up on some reading during 9th period
Blazers enjoy unusually warm weather during lunch before it gets cold again.
Mornings are darker around Blair as the days get shorter.
Falls colors are starting to show around Blair; soon it will be too cold to sit outside during lunch.
Social studies teacher Kevin Moose and junior Nick Byron participate in a discussion, one of the unique aspects of Philosophy class.
A chain link fence surrounds the fair grounds to prevent people from sneaking in.
Hundreds of empty soda bottles line the table as people throw ring after ring.
The bright artificial lights of rides and signs make the entire experience feel dream like.
A woman takes a break to check her phone.
Signs advertise the price of a game.
Large stuffed animals mark the winners of the more challenging games.
As the swings lift higher, riders begin spinning faster and faster.
People are spun through the air on this swing ride, as music blasts in the background.
A pile of darts tempts potential game players as they walk by the booth.
A girl prepares to pop a balloon in an attempt to win one of the popular stuffed animal prizes.
Colorful rides like this one spin, twirl, and fly fair-goers through the humid August night.
People are drawn to pet and feed a sheep with five legs as signs advertise other oddities inside.
Riders wait eagerly for their ride to start.
Two employees chat in front of a popular game.
A brightly colored sign advertises funnel cakes and lemonade, just a small sampling of the many food stands around the midway.
The fair lights up the night from a distance, given attendees a taste of what it has to offer.