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Sunday, August 19, 2018 9:32 am

Jan Fahrenholz

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In the wake of Blair's 80th anniversary, alumni returned to the school to find a younger, more limber generation holding up to the same standard's of their predecessors.

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Blair shows of modern Fashion
Plants reach for the evening sun.
A squirrel chews on a nut under the cover of the brush.
The telephone pole stands covered with staples in the evening light.
George enjoys the sunset.
Crocus breaks through the fir.
Flowers spring up through the winter weeds.
Tulips glow in the sunset.
A bird nest rests inside a bird house.
The sun reflects off the leaves.
The frequent amount of illegal downloads is hurting the music industry.
Sunrise over the Blair SAC entrance.
The coaches and cheerleaders pose while holding trophy.
The team holds their last pose.
The cheerleading team in the middle of their performance.
Bridged flies high up in the air.
The Cheerleading team performs their first pyramid.
Both teachers and students alike showed up to support the team.
A cheerleader points out to the crowd during the performance.
The team charges out onto the floor.
The Cheerleading team warms up.