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Friday, August 17, 2018 11:37 am

Nicholas Fechner-Mills

Online Photo Editor
Hi. I'm Nicholas Fechner-Mills and I am the photo editor for the 2016-2017 school year. I like to take photos and I also like to make videos with BNC. I hope you enjoy the photo coverage of sports and Blair news.

Galleries (30) Varsity Baseball 2017

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The Blazers played their way to the postseason by successfully working together as a team.
A Blazer runs to the next base after his teammate gets a hit.
Blair's catcher waits to receive a pitch.
Senior Paul Moser walks back into position after a play, another player guarding him.
Junior Uro Lyi circles around a player in order to get a shot on goal.
Even when the opponent came up, the players found a way to get around them.
Marike Pinsonneault, a junior, runs with the ball away from her opponent.
Girls Lacrosse is a prominent sport at Blair, with a record of 9-6 throughout the season.
A Blazer drops her bat to score another run.
The Blair softball team celebrated the achievements of the 5 seniors on Senior Night.
Senior Lily Montgomery winds up to throw a pitch. Montgomery was among the five seniors on Blair's softball team.
Senior Jasmine Scott focuses in close as she spins around the bar.
Senior Alannah Blount performs a flip in her floor routine while her teammates watch.
Senior Jasmine Trejo jumps high off the bar during her routine.
Junior Olivia Amitay jumps up onto the bar to swing.
Derek Lamb watches over the sound from the back of the auditorium.
Akosua Hawkins comforts Octavia Russell through musical number.
The good witch (Karuna Nandkumar) tells Dorthy how she can get home.
Ben Trunk, Andre Colon, Octavia Russell, Jack Russ, Noah Friedlander, and Abby Rowland figure out the magicians secret.
The evil witch (Iyanu Bishop) checks her nails while watching over her mistreated workers.
The pit orchestra plays a bold musical accompaniment.
Ronee Goldman, Erin Obaonrin, Troy Daniels, and Micah Contee meet on the road.
Junior Oliva Amitay performs her gymnastics floor routine during the meet on Tuesday.
Junior Olivia Amitay prepares for a dive.
Junior Eli Cohen dives backward into the pool.
The boys' swim team finished 4-1 this season.
The band plays jazz inspired by classic artists.
The event offered a fun, relaxing afternoon for the seniors who attended.
The Blair jazz band is followed by a performance from a local Maryland jazz band.
Seniors come from nearby retirement homes to hear the nostalgic jazz the Blair band plays.
Junior Perry Beamer backs up the jazz band with male vocals.
Junior Divya John sings a homage to the jazz of yesterday.
Swingin' Sounds for Senior Citizens took place on March 19 at Blair and featured performances from Blair's jazz band.
Teachers prepare to be hit by whip cream pies sold to the students for a dollar on Pi Day.
A student throws a pie at the board of math teachers.
Senior Mika Yatsuhashi prepares a DNA sample in forensics class.
John supports Baltimore sports teams on his bumper.
Conor truly is the Obama Mama.
Nate Blower doesn't really like bumper stickers.
Students from Blair Network Communications produce the daily news show InfoFlow.
Senior Julius Cobb jumps up towards the basket.
Senior Kendall Douglas squares up for a free throw.
This Blazer by Yonkos is chubbier than most.
Emsfeld's drawing is especially unique, and shows the Blazer made out of flames.
This Blazer by Maske is an homage to the blazin' element of the school's mascot.
Tram's Blazer has especially pointy ears and a goatee.
Senior Eric Zokouri will be headed to Monmouth next year.
Delegates from middle and high school SGAs gather to decide which of the 13 SMOB candidates will move to the general election.
Alex Abrosimov makes it to the final round of voting for the second year in a row.
Blair student Chas Goldman makes it to the second round of voting and takes the stage to tell the audience about his ideas.
Sherwood student Matt Post joins the general election where every students in the county will vote.
Blair student Michael Yin makes it to the second round of voting.
The SMOB candidates give speeches laying out their policy platforms.
Blair Senior and MCR President Prim Phoolsombat hosts the nominating convention for the next Student Member of the Board.
The College Board, which creates AP tests and curricula, as well as the SAT, is technically a non-profit.
Senior Zhaxi Zerong helped his team to a victory on his senior night.
The teams look on as Nicole Grant's ball rolls down the court.
Senior guard Kendall Douglas drives past his defender.
Volunteer to beat the cold.
Some snow falls onto the Blair courtyard during 7th period on Monday, January 30th.
Blair Junior Emily Fox makes her voice heard at a protest in DC.
A players kneels down on the ground to get a steady shot.
Junior Kayla McKenzie takes a deep breath while she prepares to throw the ball.
The players celebrate after a close throw.
Blair hockey players fight to gain control of the puck.
The crowd walked down the street while chanting together.
Women gather with signs while watching the march crowd below.
The march participants started to leave the mall and walk down Pennsylvania Ave.
Junior Eli Cohen prepares for a dive while standing on the end of the board.
The team captains lead the swimmers and divers in cheers after the meet.
Junior Captain Haron Adbaru counts the number of laps left for the swimmer in the pool.
Senior Elizabeth Cove breaks up and out of the water while swimming the butterfly.
Senior Nayman Leung dives into the pool to start the race.
Senior Marianne Benyamin performs a dive that involves a flip.
A swimmer reaches out of the water during a butterfly event.
Congressman Jamie Raskin speaks to Blair students during lunch on Wednesday the 18th.
The moon rises over Blair before school on Friday.
Houseparty is the hottest new app.
This guide will help you be the best gift giver of this holiday season.
Tommy Kriner, a Nora junior, approaches a DC Stars player.
The DC Stars and Blair face off as Senior Wonder Abor takes the puck.
Senior captain Noah Dalbey talks to Blair fans on the stands.
Brener Granston, an Einstein Junior, plays for Blair because his home school doesn't have a hockey team.
Due to Blair's newfound athletic success, the school has finally embraced a culture of winning and school spirit has taken off.
This year the Montgomery Blair football team had a record of 8-2.
Senior Tommy Norris proudly sports his Maryland-flag-adorned beanie.
A student performs to a large crowd at the open mic in the media center at lunch on December 16th.
The final number featured all the chorus classes and show choir members together.
The mens ensemble demos a tenor, bass, baritone chorus melody.
Student Saba Teferra performs lead vocals during a guitar number.
The show choir performs one of their songs.
The guitar ensemble performs a song.
The women's ensemble performs "Neus Gadol Haya Sham" a traditional Hanukkah song.
Senior Akosua Hawkins performs a solo.
The concert opened up with a performance of the chamber singers.
Junior Jaya Hinton serves for the Blazers.
Junior Maggie Wang gets a dig.
People wear safety pins to stand together against Trump.
The Girl-Up club sells bracelets to support girls around the world at lunch.
Junior Ryan Holland struggles to pin his opponent.
Junior Ryan Handel ties up in an attempt to gain leverage over his opponent.
Junior Eli Cohen dives for Blair at the swim and dive meet on Saturday, December 3rd.
Blair hockey players huddle at half-time. Come see Blair vs. Churchill on Friday, December 2nd at 8:55 in Rockville.
Snapchat streaks are the true test of friendship.
Senior Marianne Benyamin keeps the ball away.
The Blair club hockey team won 3-2 against the DC Stars in a game last Friday.
Blair senior, Suriya Saravankumar, entertains other students with his magic tricks at lunch.
The students left the stadium at 11am to protest off the school grounds.
A mass of students leaves the Blair stadium.
Student leaders march around the football field in the Blair stadium.
Students hold up signs protesting the presidential-elect Donald Trump.
Blair students protest the presidential-elect Donald Trump on the football field.
The handball players try to coordinate a pass on the court.
Senior captain Gabriel Field makes a close goal.
The team celebrates a close win against B-CC.
Senior captain Max Barbiari throws the ball towards the goal.
Senior captain Gabriel Field gives the team a motivational talk during halftime.
The POMS team forms one of their lines during a dance at football halftime.
Blair play #19 moves the ball towards Blair's goal.
Blair player #18 fights for control of the ball.
In just a few years, Blair has established a strong football program.
The football team huddles up during a game.
Blair player Jaya Hinton serves the ball.
Blair player Maggie Wang gets ready to hit the ball.
Blair player Kathryn Wang is joined by teammates as she runs to the incoming ball to prepare to spike it back.
Blair player Catherine Rodriguez blocks the ball from Wooton.
Blair player, Laicha Hayes, makes a close catch.
Blair player Catherine Rodriguez reaches for the ball.
Teammates laugh on the sideline during the game.
The team assembles to make sure the ball keeps moving.
Senior Joanne Lu spikes the ball back towards Wooton.
The team discusses strategy while holding each other close.
Blair player Maggie Wang spikes the ball to keep it going in the Blair vs. Wooton varsity volleyball game.
Coach Hoelman meets with the handball team at halftime to push them towards their close win over B-CC on Tuesday.
The ominous cloud sent students running out of the stadium to shelter.
Senior class president Yuchabel Sanon leads the class of 2017 in spirit.
Blair senior Mika Yatsuhashi gets red war paint in celebration of homecoming.
The impressive performance by Sherwood did not stop the Blazer fans from coming out in great numbers to support their team.
The Blazers chase after Sherwood Junior Michael Mbony as he runs the ball.
The Sherwood Warriors and the Blair Blazers played a fierce game ending in a Sherwood win 43-26.
Senior quarterback Desmond Colby runs the ball.
Senior Daniel Zavarce keeps the ball away from a Churchill forward.
Franck Djoumessi throws in against Churchill.
Staff and students wait in Blazer Stadium for the school building to be cleared for their re-entry.
Elaine Suh battles for a loose ball.
Sophomore Maddy Merrill scored a hat trick in the win against Kennedy.
The seniors participate in the turning of their tassels
Senior class president Nazea Khan speaks to the class of 2016
Mrs. Johnson hugs a graduating senior on stage
The senior class received their diplomas from principal Renay Johnson
The graduation 2016 venue.
Due to MCPS' growing rate of about 2,500 students per year, Blair now has over 3,000 students.
From left to right: Will Ederer, Ben Miller and Charles Gryder.
Long-exposure picture of the back of Blair after the basketball game on February 9th.
Sophomore Eli Cohen looks at the pool while performing a flip.
A swimmer  breathes as they enter their last few laps of the long and grueling 500 free.
Freshman Nathaniel Kilimanjaro breathes while swimming the breaststroke.
The swimmers dive in the water before they swim the 500 free.
Junior Thomas Brown de Coulston swims a tight race during the 100 fly.
Two swimmers jump off of the blocks at the start of the race.
The pool deck gets soaked while the swimmers flipturn.
Three swimmers dive into the water to get a strong start for their race.
At the start of the meet, divers compete for the highest score out of 10. Junior Marianne Benyamin performs a dive that involves a flip.
Friends help swimmers keep count during the 500 free which is too long to count at 20 laps.
The sun sets over the student parking lot.
Eric Zokouri runs for a long touchdown in the third quarter.
Blair's offense could not move the ball consistently against the QO defense.
All eight shows were met with resounding applause from the audience.
In the end, friendship and love prevails, and the show concludes as a testament to the importance of family and friendship in everyday life.

The set, designed by senior Dio Cramer, masterfully reflects the beauty and extravagance of Latin culture.
The new BNC studio was built over the summer.
The new leaders of BNC have made a number of changes to the program.
Senior Nicholas Banks directs the Blair Marching Band
The people on the sidelines are a critical part of the Blair football experience.
Blair's midfield helped out on defense to minimize Northwood's attacking threats.
Companies, groups, and organizations promote themselves at the festival.
A band plays for an audience at one of the music stages.
There are many options for food at the festival.
Non-profit groups take the opportunity to express their political views at the festival.
Volunteers help the folk festival run each year.
There were many colorful shirts for sale.
Many visitors rode their bikes to the festival, which overfilled the bike racks.
The entrance to the indoor stages at the festival which show performers from different parts of the world.
Cub Scouts and Boy Scout Troop 33 hold a fundraiser at the festival.
A visitor makes his way across a rope bridge.
Blair celebrates the victory over Northwood.
The poms team performs during half-time.
Blair defense helps keep the ball out of reach of the Gladiators.
The cheerleaders lead the audience in a school chant.
Blair struggles to save the ball.
Blair dodges Northwood in an attempt for a touchdown.
The crowd cheers for Blair.
The cheerleaders perform stunts.