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Galleries (18) Spring Art Show 2017

Pictures (109)

Frank plays a piece on her violin in Blair's courtyard.
Selama Tesfamariam with Michael Zick, head of the SGA.
How much parental involvement is just right?
There were works made out of many different mediums, including photographs on wood.
A few honorable mentions were handed out, such as this black and white skull.
Ceramic students made flower pots into faces, which held different types of grass to represent hair.
There were also many representations of real world animals displayed in the show.
The first place work of art was a multicolored bowl.
Blair student Axelle draws a beautiful gray scale portrait.
After AP tests, many classes do fun activities to keep students engaged.
Juniors Joshua Dominguez and Sebastien Kraft watch the game from the sides.
Junior Joey Merrill throws a pitch as his teammates look on.
Junior Uro Lyi waits on the line to be subbed in.
Sophomore Calvin Bruwelhide waits for a pass as he pushes further up the field.
After a win, Andrew Komo congratulates his teammate.
Quick reflexes are also necessary to play a good game.
Even when playing doubles, tennis requires a lot of reaching to get the ball.
A Blazer gets ready to bat.
Blair's pitcher makes a strong throw to bypass the other team.
The team's successful season was filled with excitement and action.
Juniors Natalie Daly and Maggie Gray cheer on their teammates during a game.
The Blair varsity softball team had a successful season, with 12 wins and 5 losses.
Blair's Tennis team did have a good season, winning 7 games and losing 4.
The team works to impress the judges with their strength and grace.
Junior Emily Fox show off her flexibility during her floor routine.
The Green Club fundraises for the World Wildlife Fund.
Jasmine Scott gets a surprise promposal during math class on Thursday.
Second baseman Zach Dunne throws to first.
Second baseman Zach Dunne throws to first base.
Blazers practice their skateboarding skills during their free period.
Blair's Girl Up Club sells Girl Hero candy grams at lunch to support girls' education around the world.
Kaia Lenhart and Mikaela Ferrill speak at Blair's Girl Up meeting.
Girl Up held a bake sale in an effort to fundraise money towards girls in need.
Isabel Present and Anna Barth work on their short documentary about a murder that is set to air on the next episode of SilverLens.
Blazers in math class take advantage of Pi Day to do a fun activity involving circles and skittles.
An important topic discussed was how to handle potential immigration raids.
This immigration forum served to provide interested students with information about the recent executive orders and immigration raids.
Senior Suad Mohamud, one of the leaders of No Labels, introduces the guest speakers.
Jal invited students to dance with him up on stage during his closing out song.
Musician Emmanuel Jal spoke to Blair students in an assembly during fourth period about his trauma as a child soldier, as well as advice to stay motivated.
Students in Mr. Verock's Ceramics Class make wall planters with organic designs.
Emmanuel Jal, former child soldier, came to Blair to speak and perform.
Amy Forsbacka, Cole Greenberg, and Gilda Geist paint mudcloths in World History.
The players get excited to play a great game.
Sara Temple dribbles around the opposing team.
 Aissatou Bokoum wins the tip off to begin the game.
Redskins jerseys are a common site at Blair and other MCPS schools.
Coach Melvin Terry advises Tori Brezell before she rolls her ball.
Sara Temple made a big impact in the matchup with Magruder.
Abigail Dawit measures her substances during biology class as her partner, Rahele Eshete, looks on.
Coach Terry shows Junior Tori Brezell the best way to throw the ball.
Junior Raul Gonzales eyes the yellow ball before he throws his ball.
This week's top ten tweets feature the inauguration, the women's march, and Russell Westbrook.
Marchers crowd the metro, feeding slowly up the escalators.
With her sign in front of the Capitol, a woman emphasizes the rhetoric of rape culture in our country.
Senior Lauren Frost follows through on a three point attempt.
Lauren Frost makes a three pointer.
Blair cheerleaders kick and shout to pump up the crowd at the girls varsity basketball game.
Nisa Baig holds up a newly made bracelet in girl-up club.
Marc Monteil takes a fastbreak to the hoop.
Junior Sara Temple guards the ball.
Sara Temple jumps to block a WJ pass.
From the left: Reince Priebus, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions and James Mattis.
Junior Iyanu Bishop leads a diversity workshop.
We started with a red paperclip and traded it for a mechanical pencil.
The big crowd around one of the tables cheers as a winner of the pumpkin pie eating contest is announced.
Shima Abdullah, Nisa Baig, and Suraya Mohamud listen to a speaker at the No Labels diversity workshop.
Students gather on the football field to peacefully protest the presidential-elect.
Students hold up signs protesting Trump's policies on immigration
Protesters hold up signs denouncing presidential-elect Trump.
Blair's Poms strike a pose when they complete their halftime dance.
Blair sophomore Maddy Merrill rushes to steal the ball back from WJ.
Blair junior Elaine Suh makes a run for the goal.
Senior Nika Seider beats her defender to a loose ball.
Juniors Alix Swann and Leila Jackson give Kill Bill a try.
Captain Jordi Long led the Blazers to victory on senior night.
The Blazers dominated in the 2016 homecoming game.
A group of friends shows their spirit for their school.
Blair cheerleaders try to get the crowd even more enthusiastic than they already are.
Blair's Poms strike a pose when they complete their halftime dance.
A Blair player with his teammates to get around the opposition.
Daisy Yu and Christine Cho do Red Out a couple of days early to show how dedicated they are to Blair.
Carly Beck and Mekailah Jackson dress in sun dresses to match.
Mr. Cauley shows off his spirit with two students.
Three blazers (Niarah Jackson, Jennifer Garcia, and Theresa Guirand) show off their superhero costumes and makeup. Look closely at the eye shadow in the middle!
Henristote Okombi battles a Whitman player for possession.
Senior Alex Sarri-Tobar runs after a loose ball.
Students wait in line for dinner after school.
Blair has started providing free dinner for students after school.
Cross country runners show off their Hawaiian gear while taking a nap during lunch.
Students pass the extra time they have at lunch by playing football.
After Blair student, Glenda Hernandez, passed away last week, a wall was dedicated for students to memorialize her.
The Blazers try to keep the ball away from B-CC players.
The team huddles during half-time.
Look in the bottom left corner of this year's agenda book, and you might find a surprise!
One of several plausible locations for Gahart's next strike.
Senior Nika Seider chases after a lose ball.
Sophomore Addie McDonough readies to enter the game.
The varsity field hockey team huddles during a match between B-CC.