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Blair offers a free SAT to all Juniors who are interested.
Varsity letters allow schools to recognize the accomplishments of their students and should be awarded to all those who compete on behalf of the school, academically or athletically
Students in the National Art Honors Society paint a variety of ceiling tiles for different teachers. (Pictured: Science ceiling tile for Mrs. Hart)
Blair celebrates National Counseling Week to acknowledge the counselors' dedication to helping their students.
Binick brings an enthusiastic and caring attitude to her job, and always prioritizes the needs of her students.
In the days leading up to Sankofa, writer Ms. Adamson, along with the rest of the cast, impersonated Michael Jackson during celebrity impersonations day.
Monteil will be attending Sewanee, University of the South. She highly encourages that seniors apply for this scholarship if they get the opportunity.
Price was paired with Lafayette college, which was ultimately the best fit for him although not his first choice.
Students who try to switch accounts will encounter an error that the webpage is blocked.
With the last of the college deadlines coming up, seniors wrap up their college process while juniors come to the career center and start thinking about theirs.
Mrs. Wall's room is a place art students often come to during lunch to finish up work and socialize.
Captain Madeleine Merrill works to keep the ball away from her opponent.
Rachel Dey (16) completes a penalty kick during the  second half of the game.
Students charge their phones during lunch, in the SAC.
The Silver Spring Library is one of the local places that students go to finish up their work for school.
Pictured: Kanani Jiang (12)
Mouse traps are placed around the edges of the media center, and where mice have been spotted.
 Math teacher Robin Lively redefines motivational methods by performing acrobatics for students​
Blair's defensive line pushes back against the Wheaton offense.
One of the Blair coaches gives the team a pep talk before sending them out on the field.
Mangers for the Blazers hand water bottles to the players after a timeout is called.
Gray explores the regions where she descended from on the 23andMe website.
Kids dress up as a variety of characters, a boy dressing up as his favorite Star Wars character, Darth Vader.
Signs are placed on the steps of a home in the Blair community, directing trick or treaters to places like Bethesda and Transylvania.
Deeya Gand (11) gets ready for a strong serve.
The girl's tennis team cheers for each member after they introduce themselves at the beginning of the match.
The girls tennis team cheers before going to play their sets.
Senior Captain Priscah Rodenhuis reaches to hit the ball at the beginning of the match.
Caitlin Lee reaches for the ball to stop it from hitting the court.
Blair POMS team lays on the turf as a transition between parts of their routine.
Junior Emma Morganstein and sophmore Annie Hicks help build some props for the fall play, The Three Musketeers.
Junior Ruby Tucker drops to the floor as part of Blair Cheer's routine.
Blair Cheer pumps the crowd up before the competition starts.
Staying energetic throughout their performance, captain Berkit cheers loudly.
The Blazer crowd cheers and shows their support at the 2017 Cheer Competition.
Blair's cheer team begins their routine in formation, junior Ruby Tucker standing up front.
Toward the end of their routine, the team forms a pyramid.
Senior Sofia Swamy stops to admire the flowers while at the U.S. Botanic Gardens.
Martinez puts together a pastel-themed outfit, complete with platformed white boots
Martinez models her outfit, including a maxi dress layered with a white long-sleeved shirt.
Nathalia Martinez models her original style.
Senior Emma Schillerstorm feeds a baby cow during a field trip to Rock Hill Orchard.
Junior Berkit Getachew shows her school spirit by dressing up for Tacky Tourist Tuesday.
Tuyet Gunter (12), Alexandra Montes (10), and Erika Navarette (12) perform a kickline during the Poms routine at the pep rally.
Sophomore Zori Charles dances at the pep rally as part of the African Club's performance.
Freshman cheerleader Betty Moose performances a backhand spring in Blair Cheer's routine at the pep rally.
Blair senior Rebecca John plays on a slide at Senior Unity Day.
Captain Christine Cho and freshman Catherine Lo say hello to the Titans before a match
Captain Gillian Lee jumps to hit a strong serve.