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Nov. 21, 2012

SilverStyle: Hot outerwear for the cold weather

by Sarika Ramaswamy, Staff Writer
SilverStyle is a weekly blog focusing on fashion and beauty both in and outside of Blair. Come back next Wednesday for the next edition of SilverStyle.

As the weather drops to (literally) freezing temperatures, you're probably ready to hide inside your house, blasting the heat. However, when you do want to venture out of the house and into the cold, you will want to look fabulous (and be warm)! The best way to stay both cozy and cute is by wearing a stylish coat. Here are some options you may want to consider for dashing through the snow in style.

Puffy coats have a bad rep for being chunky and constricting, turning you into a walking marshmallow. However, puffy coats are quilted and stuffed with either synthetic filling or down, making them the winners of the warmest coat contest. Their waterproof material and built-in hood will have you ready for any kind of weather. The bulky coats are perfect for hiding tons of pockets to transform you into both a a walking purse, too. They are also great for covering up an ugly outfit or anything else you want to hide underneath. The key to pulling of the puffy coat is choosing extreme patterns or colors to blind others so that they don't notice the bulk. If you're going to stand out with puffs, you might as well go all out!

Unlike the puffer, fleece coats are as light as a hoodie, soft as a cloud and enable you to actually move around. They are the perfect size to carry around school when you don't want to look like a fool carrying around your humongous winter coat. Fleece is not the warmest, but you can bulk up underneath with sweatshirts and sweaters. Right now, while the weather is acting fickle, fleece will help you give off a sporty, laidback vibe and keep you warm as we ease into winter.

Pea coats like this can help keep you warm and stylin'. Courtesy of Altrec
Pea coats like this can help keep you warm and stylin'.
Pea Coat
The pea coat is the classiest of all coats. The peacoat can dress up any old pair of jeans and comes in a variety of colors, fits, and even button-types that help you make your own unique statement. Bright colors can show your fun side while deeper colors and double-breasted buttons can show off your classy half. Different cuts and waist cinching can help accentuate your body. The wool blend material is warm, although to some it can be heavy and itchy. Pea coats also require extra care, like dry cleaning. A lint-roller is also a must for keeping your pea coat in tip top condition. The pea coat may not be the most comfy coat to curl up in, but remember that beauty is worth the pain when a the pea coat can show off your very own original style! Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to look classy.

Classy also takes form in the cape, which is making a comeback this year. Not a superhero accessory like one might think, the cape is a chic reincarnation of the medieval hunting cape (imagine Little Red Riding Hood). Similar to a poncho with sleeves, capes provide the warmth and style of a pea coat with more comfort and cuddle space underneath. Think Snuggie, but capes are actually acceptable to wear in public. Comfy, cute and trendy, the cape is definitely the choice coat for those of us into high fashion. What more could you want?
One of these coats is sure to fulfill your criteria for the perfect winter coat, whether your priority is staying warm or staying stylish. Pick one that best represents you and you'll have a warm and wonderful winter.

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