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Dec. 18, 2012

Couch Potato: Vlogging on

by Sarika Ramaswamy, Staff Writer
Couch Potato is a weekly blog focusing on the current happenings in the world of television. Come back next Tuesday for the next edition.

As the semester draws to an end and crunch time kicks in, students are stuck to their computers in an attempt to get homework done, essays written and grades up. However, the constant stress and brain bombardment calls for some breaks. What more convenient way to give the mind a rest than to watch a funny video blog on the massive magical entertainment network that is Youtube? Here are some of the sassiest people you might want to watch when you stop to take that "quick" break from your work.


With her beach blonde hair and perfectly made up face, JennaMarbles, (Jenna Mourey in real-life), appears to be more of a stereotypical sorority girl than a typical Internet blogger. She catches viewers off guard when she opens her mouth – from boy troubles to bra troubles, this brazen woman is quick to make a joke or describe a problem that women face. No topic is unapproachable for her. Her strong personality reminds male and female audiences alike that women are independent. And, aside from the great advance Mourey brings for the feminist movement, she is also just plain hilarious.

Tyler Oakley

Tyler Oakley uses humor to relate to and help his viewers, including the LGBT community. Courtesy of Tyler Oakley
Tyler Oakley uses humor to relate to and help his viewers, including the LGBT community.
Tyler Oakley is one of the most relatable YouTube personalities – he loves the same music artists, keeps up with the same celebrities, and is into all of the same trends as the kids who watch his videos. Oakley's videos range from parody How-To's to his completion of crazy tasks, like the Cinnamon Challenge. In the midst of all of his sillier vlogs, Oakley posts a collection of videos to help other teens in the LGBT community. Oakley brings his signature humor to these videos to help anyone who watches his videos become more comfortable with and knowledgeable about the LGBT community.

Kingsley – Overexposed

In his "Overexposed" video diaries, Kingsley takes popular topics in the media, like new songs and movies, and either rags on them or praises them. (He usually rags on them – it's much more interesting to hear his complaints than his compliments.) When Kingsley doesn't like something, he makes his opinion clear. In his "Overexposed" videos, Kinglsey is always sure to include video clips of other regular people sharing their opinions on why something pop-culture has had way too much attention. After watching his videos, you might just vote Kinsley the sassiest man on the internet.


DailyGrace's Grace Helbig gives us a daily dose of hilarity. Courtesy of Grace Helbig
DailyGrace's Grace Helbig gives us a daily dose of hilarity.
Grace Helbig of the award-winning vlog "DailyGrace" is another average girl sharing funny, everyday stories on the Internet that are relatable for almost anyone. With a new video posted every week day, (hence the name "Daily Grace"), you barely even have to wait for another dose of Helbig's humor. Whether it’s a problem she faces now, a problem she has faced in the past, or just some celebrity gossip she wants to hit on, Grace is prepared with an arsenal of jokes that make her channel a daily must-watch.


New York Times bestselling author John Green and his brother Hank have one of the quirkier shows on the web. Their webcasts have sparked the Nerdfighter movement, a widespread internet community. The Vlogbrothers cover an assortment of topics, talking about news, books, deep philosophical thoughts or childhood memories and every video has a funny take. These entertaining brothers have even branched off to create educational "Crash Course" videos for students taking biology or world history, for whenever you are ready to finally get back to your homework.

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Any of these videos are a great way to take a break from the droll of schoolwork. But don't get too caught up in one channel, because that break might never end.

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