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Sept. 19, 2013

SCO Says: Dating, SAT or ACT and much more

by Temi Ibirogba, Online Managing Editor, Michael Gerbasi, Online Sports Editor, Melissa Arias, Online Entertainment Editor and Samuel Popper, Sports Editor
This month, we asked Blair students what they needed advice on and here's what what they asked:

Iím a senior who likes a junior and I was wondering: Is it socially acceptable for upperclassmen (seniors and juniors) to date an underclassman (sophomores and freshman)? -Tryna get it

Temi: Juniors and seniors dating is totally cool as well as sophomores and freshman. Basically upperclassmen can date each other and so can underclassmen. Just donít ever get like this.
Mikey: DependsÖ. Senior- freshman should not even be a question. Senior- sophomore is pushing it, but I guess I could see it. Junior- freshman is a bit questionable. Junior-sophomore/Senior-Junior though is so the move. Two years makes me uncomfortable, one is solid.
Mel: I mean, you gotta do what you gotta do at Blair... lezbehonest even though there are about 2800 kids in this B, there are only a select few attractive I say go for it girl!
Sam: Sure. I mean if shes got it, sheís got it.

The four writers for this month's SCO Says. (From left) Sam Popper, Mikey Gerbasi, Temi Ibirogba and Melissa Arias. Connor Smith
The four writers for this month's SCO Says. (From left) Sam Popper, Mikey Gerbasi, Temi Ibirogba and Melissa Arias.
Iím really shy around my crushes, how do I approach the girl Iíve had a crush on since the first day of school? -Trynasmang

Mikey: Hit em with that ďHeyyy.Ē
Mel: As Drake says, ďSay Something,Ē but then again... it is Drake.
Sam: Just believe in yourself! Show her your sweet side and say romantic things to her in Spanish.
Temi: If she hasn't made eye contact with you or acknowledged your presence whatsoever, give up now.

Yo how do I learn to balance school, sports and a social life? -Illuminati

Mel: Just donít sleep
Sam: Itís easy. Just have copy your homework, skip practice and backstab your friends. That way everything is balanced.
Temi: Well if itís your junior year...just give up on that now. And if youíre in any other grade just cheat in school and youíll have time for everything else.
Mikey: Um, who cares about anything other than sports anyways? #TheGrind #TheStruggleisReal.

AHH Should I take the ACT or SAT? -AsherRoth

Temi: Whatís that?
Sam: Go to a college that doesn't require them or just drop out. Those are a mission!
Mel: If you are not a good test taker I do not recommend the SAT. However, if you are a really good writer then take the SAT, because ACT does not have a required writing section.
Mikey: The rumor on the streets is that the ACT is easier and more straightforward. Time, however, can be an issue on the ACT. So if you are a pretty slow test taker than go SAT but otherwise ACT is the faithful move.

Should I bring a date to Blairís homecoming? -Confused and Ready to Dance

Sam: NO! Is this even a question? You're tryna get at everyone.
Temi: I donít understand.
Mikey:: Lol of course not, donít hold yourself back like that.
Mel: Four words: Face know the rest...

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    This is the best thing I have ever seen on sco. obviously melissa's last comment is the greatest.
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