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Dec. 17, 2015

Blazers start yo-yo club

by Charles Lott, Online Features Editor

Blairís newest after-school club, the yo-yo club, had its first meeting two weeks ago. Juniors Neal Sarkar and Jeffery Ge founded the yo-yo club, which is sponsored by Blair chemistry teacher Tran Pham and meets Thursdays after 9th period in the 320s hallway.

According to Sarkar, the club has anywhere from ten to twenty participants in any given week. The group does not have a room to gather in, so students practice their yo-yo skills in the hallway. Ge brings a loudspeaker and the club has a laidback atmosphere, with members showing off yo-yo tricks and learning the basics to the tune of loud dubstep.

The goal of the yo-yo club is to provide Blazers with a relaxing afterschool environment and to teach them a new skill. ďAnyone who wants to can come and get away from the stresses of the week. It doesnít matter if you know how to yo-yo or not, we can lend you a yo-yo and teach you how to use it, just so long as you try your best,Ē Sarkar said.

The two club founders bring yo-yos and a coil of spare string to Blair every Thursday, and are more than willing to lend new members the tools they need to improve their skills. As long as you promise to practice, and return it at the next meeting, students can bring home a yo-yo after each meeting.

Ge added that yo-yoing can become more than just a hobby for those who really put their minds to it. ďIíve been yo-yoing since elementary school, and I really love it. It takes my attention off of whatever Iím doing, and if you get good enough it looks pretty cool too,Ē Ge said.

The group has members of all skillsets. Sarkar and Ge teach experienced members complicated tricks and new enthusiasts how to do the basics. According to junior Jesse Matthews, itís a welcoming environment for any level of yo-yoer. ďIf you see us in the hallway, donít get scared off. We know the music is kind of loud, but you can just walk right up and join in on the fun,Ē Matthews said.

Blair chemistry teacher and yo-yo club sponsor Tran Pham sits at the entrance of the hallway grading papers and working on his iPad. According to Pham, he doesnít have much input into how the club is run, and itís almost entirely the job of the students. ďAs long as I donít need to call 911 after somebody gets hit in the head with a yo-yo, weíre good,Ē Pham said.

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