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Best of Blair sports

By Annie Buckley | June 5, 2009, midnight | In Print Sports »

After completing an overall 14-2 season this fall, the varsity girls' soccer team is arguably the best team Blair has seen in a long time. Enforced by a strong core of naturally outstanding soccer players, the girls dominated over teams throughout the county during their regular season and were just shy of making it to the state level during playoffs.

Summit held to discuss community safety

By Vicky Lai | June 5, 2009, midnight | In Print News »

The Safe Silver Spring Summit, for residents and community leaders to propose solutions for making neighborhoods safer, was held at the Takoma Park/Silver Spring campus of Montgomery College on May 16, according to Tony Hausner, the chairman of the steering committee.

A spirited approach to Blair

By Vicky Lai | June 5, 2009, midnight | In Print Features »

Like a typical media assistant, she handles overdue books, checks materials in and out, orders new books and magazines and scans IDs for student computer use. But hidden away in the back of the media center is a collection of "Blair paraphernalia" that students and staff have given her over the years, a reminder of her presence at Blair as the Spirit Lady.

Students asked to retake HSAs

By Rebecca Guterman | June 5, 2009, midnight | In Print News »

Some students have been asked to take the High School Assessments (HSAs) again despite achieving the minimum combined score required to receive the Maryland state diploma, according to Assistant Principal Linda Wanner.

Wanner retires after 24 years at Blair

By Rebecca Guterman | June 5, 2009, midnight | In Print News »

Assistant Principal Linda Wanner will retire at the end of this year after 24 years at Blair to spend more time with family and pursue other interests, she said.

State education waiver denied

By Rebecca Guterman | June 5, 2009, midnight | In Print News »

The Montgomery County Council recently approved the Fiscal Year 2010 (FY 2010) budget, which takes effect July 1 of this year, despite cuts across the board due to a rejected maintenance waiver to the state.

Keep teens keen, save their clubs

By | June 5, 2009, midnight | In Print Opinions »

When the Montgomery County budget was approved earlier this month, it made the county's dwindling concern for the maintenance of teen programs clear - after just one year of extreme budget shortfall, the county cut its recreation department's budget by 57 percent, effectively ending one of the county's valuable Teen Club programs. Montgomery County's Teen Clubs are known for offering organized trips and activities for teenagers in many middle and high schools, similar to other constructive teen programs.

Zero tolerance: In loco parentis in the extreme

By Lauren Teixeira | June 5, 2009, midnight | In Print Opinions »

I am concerned because I can no longer make jokes about zero tolerance policies. For example, the other day I quipped to a friend about these policies, "At this rate, they'll strip-search you for Advil!" And then I realized it had already happened.

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