Saturday, October 25, 2014 7:53 am
Montgomery Blair High School's Online Student Newspaper

Mbaya Subayi: from the Belgian Congo to Blair High School

With his complex background, French teacher Mbaya Subayi fits right in with the diverse population while also standing out as a charismatic teacher.

James Schafer

On the first day of class, James Schafer always does one activity. He asks his students to sit down in the back of the classroom and asks for their name and one interesting thing about them. Unlike most teachers however, by the end of class, he knows each of his student's names.

Yolaine Siko: Integrating different cultures in the classroom

Siko's native language is French, but is fluent English she recounts her journey since college, which has taken her to three continents and exposed her to many different cultures.

Peter Engelmann

With binders of math curricula filed across his table, one would assume Peter Engelmann was born to teach math. But thatís just not the case.

Mary Lou Thornton

"Good teachers are born to teach," Mary Lou Thornton says, sitting in her office, surrounded by books, photos and papers. Thornton, who teaches three Honors United States History classes and is the resource teacher for the Social Studies department, has been teaching for a long time. "I've been at Blair since 2004 or 2005. It's been such a long time I can't remember," she says laughing. During her time at Blair she has developed a reputation of being fun teacher with interesting classes.

Courtney Wells

Courtney Wells is glad she did come to Blair because even though she has just entered the Blazer family, she loves it already and is glad she came here over anywhere else,