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The Secret Service failed to protect the white house from multiple intruders. Courtesy of the News
The Secret Service failed to protect the white house from multiple intruders.

What’s up with the Secret Service?

But the apparent increase of scandals for the agency in the past few years has begged the question: What is going on with the Secret Service?

Midterms debrief: 2014 election results and what they mean

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What to expect on Nov. 4

Predictions and polling have given Republicans an edge in the upcoming race for control of the Senate.However, Nate Silver, the man who predicted all 50 states correctly in the 2012 presidential election, only gives the Republicans a 62 percent chance of winning a majority this Tuesday.

Deer herd thinning is good for everyone

Humans have become the only predators to deer, and because of their large population and limited predators, we must take the initiative to curb the herd.

Watch the benefits roll in

Monday, October 6 saw same-sex marriage's greatest stride since 2013, when the Supreme Court announced it would not hear appeals to lower court rulings, which effectively legalizes same-sex marriage in five new states.

A school to be proud of

It's time to learn everything you never knew about Blair, from the history of its name, to now-famous alumni who once called Blair their high school.

Get it CuSTEMized!

Blair class of 2009 alumni Jean Fan founded her non-profit initiative CuSTEMized to motivate girls to envision themselves in science, math and technology careers.
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