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As social media becomes more prominent in society, so does social media activism. Courtesy of Cambridge Community Television
As social media becomes more prominent in society, so does social media activism.

#RealChange from Hashtag Activism

Social media has redefined traditional social activism.

Just say hoNOrs

Their obvious benefits have caused many people over the years to become strong supporters of the AP system, and in turn those people have strived to make them a choice nationwide. However, the AP curricula and tests need to be removed, because they are taking away necessary leisure time for students and furthering racial divides.

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The Passion of the Eich

Why was Brendan Eich's resignation wrong, and what can we learn from this situation going forward?

When is a joke not a joke?

Critics fail to understand the point of satire such as Colbert's � satire, in context, is necessary to criticize essential issues.

The College Readiness Contest

Although the new SAT has good intentions, it won't fix the old SAT’s failure to fulfill the test's purpose-- to provide colleges with a fair and accurate evaluation of students' ability to succeed in college.

An alert for every occasion

Protecting children should and has been a top priority for citizens and law enforcement, but what about all of the other crimes that take place daily in this country? With an AMBER-style alert system in place on a statewide or regional basis, police could respond more quickly to and increase awareness of crimes taking place in communities everywhere.

A push to remove the zero tolerance policy

Schools in Montgomery County are some of the 14,000 in the country working to exercise this idea of increased tolerance and adapting to the situation.
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