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High school students volunteer at a local soup kitchen Courtesy of ABC
High school students volunteer at a local soup kitchen

The contradiction that is mandatory volunteer work

Volunteer work implies a service that is done through the goodness of one's heart in order to give back to the community but mandatory turns it into something that must be done--or else.

Boys can play with dolls, too

Organizing products by gender is unnecessary, as gender doesnít dictate a personís interests. Gender is simply a social construct.

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The crusade of deceit against Planned Parenthood

Massive protests against Planned Parenthood, calling for its defunding, have exploded from the turmoil generated by the Center for Medical Progress (CMP), a prolife organization founded by David Daleiden.

Back to football: Peterson must let his play do the talking

The media scrutiny that Peterson has endured in the last year has been hectic. His problem is a family issue that should be solved by a mindset change, not a national legal issue.

Call an Uber

"Call an Uber," is becoming a more commonly-heard phrase in this day and age. People want to be able to get places quickly and directly, and this need has increased the use of Uber and other ride services.

Greek bailout doomed to fail

However, with the short-term Greek economic stimulus plan and possible $96 billion in assistance come a multitude of safety measures that will ultimately be detrimental to the Greek economy.

A green light for the Popeís discussion on climate change

Pope Francisí actions should be celebrated as an effort that will bring one of the globeís most massive organizations, as well as millions of people throughout the earth, back onto the world stage.
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