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The Drew Brees led Saints' offense has a difficult task this week against Seattle. Courtesy of Huffington Post
The Drew Brees led Saints' offense has a difficult task this week against Seattle.

NFL Week Eight Predictions

Standings: 1. Sam: 68-38 2. Sasha: 64-42 3. Bobby: 63-43 4. Agam: 57-49

NBA 2014-2015 Season Predictions

With the Halloween celebrations comes a new NBA Season. Free agency and marquee trades have led to a myriad of intriguing matchups and dynamic players. Lebron James is now a Cavalier, along with Kevin Love. Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose are both finally healthy. And all 60 draft picks are ready to unleash their talents on the rest of the league. No matter what, it should be a great season.

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NFL Week Seven Predictions

Standings: 1. Sam: 60-31 2. Sasha: 53-38 3. Bobby: 52-39 4. Romalia: 47-44

NFL Week Six Predictions

Standings: 1. Sam: 49-27 2. Sasha: 44-32 3. Bobby: 42-34 4. Romalia: 38-38

NHL Pre-Season Predicitons

Last spring, the Los Angeles Kings hoisted their second Stanley Cup trophy in three years in the most improbable of playoff runs which included one of the four comebacks from down three games to none in NHL history. Following the Kings' triumph, many teams made splashes in the off-season in order to stop the Kings and propel themselves to the cup. But who made the right moves? The Popper's give you all the insight in their 2014-2015 NHL season preview.

NFL Week Five Predictions

Standings: 1. Sam: 38-23 2. Bobby: 33-28 2. Sasha: 33-28 4. Romalia: 28-33

2014 MLB Playoffs preview

After an endless summer, the Major League Baseball (MLB) season ended with a bang on Sept. 28, with a final farewell to Derek Jeter and a no-hitter by Jordan Zimmermann. After the long journey of surprises of a 162 game season, the dust has finally settled and only 10 teams are left. SCO takes a look at who we think will be the big winner this October.
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Smaller tournaments outshone by the grand slams

What makes a smaller tennis tournament different? Is it the low-key culture behind these smaller WTA and ATP tournaments, or the lack of substantial ranking points and prize money?

What you need to know about the World Cup

SCO is here to offer you a complete guide for the upcoming World Cup, featuring all the teams, the history and some predictions that will turn anyone from a soccer nube into an football phenom.

Even strength woes plaguing Capitals early on

The Washington Capitals had high expectations coming into the 2013-2014 season. Second year coach Adam Oates would get his first full training camp, and before a disappointing seven game playoff loss to the Rangers last year, the Capitals surged in the last 19 games of last season, through which they went 15-2-2.